The E-8 carries specialized radar, communications, operations and control subsystems This model would have carried 209 passengers in mixed-class configuration and 260 passengers in all-economy configuration
The , a lighter short-range variant, was also introduced in 1960 Thus, a 707-320B sold to Pan Am had the model number 707-321B

Boeing 707

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Freed from the design constraints imposed by limitations of late-1940s jet engines, developing a robust, safe, and high capacity jet aircraft was within reach for Boeing
The 707-320C added a strengthened floor and a new cargo door to the -320B model
Area code 707
It was designed for transcontinental routes, and often required a refueling stop when flying across the North Atlantic
Maximum takeoff weight was the same 247,000 lb 112,000 kg as the standard version Faders for each track let you immediately mix and arrange parts, and knobs can be freely assigned to any control you need
He went to the cockpit and found the crew unable to understand and resolve the situation The company had produced innovative and important bombers, from the and , to the jet-powered and

Boeing 707

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Area code 707
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Boeing 707
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Boeing 707
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