National Statistical Institute of Bulgaria 2011 Theo van den Hout 27 October 2011
"Turkish Population Structure and Genetic Ancestry Reveal Relatedness among Eurasian Populations" "Genetic affinities among Mongol ethnic groups and their relationship to Turks"

صور ممثلين تركيين , بالصور اشهر نجوم تركية فى السينما

"HLA alleles and haplotypes in the Turkish population: Relatedness to Kurds, Armenians and other Mediterraneans".

The American Journal of Human Genetics
ممثلين تركيين !!!!!!!!!!
European Journal of Human Genetics
أسماء مغنيين تركيين
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
"Population genetic relationships between Mediterranean populations determined by HLA allele distribution and a historic perspective" With the crushing of opposition elements, the Young Turks simultaneously launched their program of forcible Turkification and the creation of a highly centralized administrative system
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إليكم أسماء الممثلين الأكثر شعبية في تركيا

Federation of Turkish Associations UK 19 June 2008.

أسماء مغنيين تركيين
Frederik Coene, The Caucasus-An Introduction, p
إليكم أسماء الممثلين الأكثر شعبية في تركيا
Turkish people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia• The Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation
"Alu insertion polymorphisms and an assessment of the genetic contribution of Central Asia to Anatolia with respect to the Balkans"