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I remember back in 2004 when I was just a teenager someone recommended this book to me in an online forum and I bought it and read it so many times and absolutely fell in love with this business and today this is my job so I think this book changed the course of my life. I read so many books in the past decade and tried so many methods and even created so many Trading strategies for myself,in fact it make me feel exhausted even thinking about it but it was all started with this book. Today when ...more


This is a very good overview of basic technical analysis. Its 15 years old so some of the computer stuff is out of date but the analysis part is fairly timeless.

Murphy is, remarkably for the subject, not too dry and does a good job of explaining things. Where the book falls short (and where most books like this do in my opinion, is that it cherry picks its examples and doesnt show much of the cases where the analysis fails or where it can be misapplied.

Even so, worth reading.



This is a solid introduction to technical analysis. Jack Schwager and Martin Pring have written good basic TA books that I have also read. The grandfather of all is Edwards and Magee, a new edition of which has been edited by WHC Bassetti. Edwards and Magee should be read in addition to one of the three authors above -- OR -- a more recent book (that I havent read) by the notable duo, Kirkpatrick & Dahlquist. ...more


This book is complete, but most of the strategies dont work in real life when trading expenses and slipage are taken into account and certainly not in a taxable account. ...more


After reading it I finally understand why its called the bible for Technical Analysis. Will definitely be getting a hard copy for future reference.

I was smiling to myself while reading chapter 15 - Computers and Trading systems; its a keyhole into the past and also a reminder on how far technology has come.



To trade in the market you can use fundamental analysis or technical analysis. Everyone already understands fundamental analysis. You buy bitcoin because you believe in its fundamentals; you believe that, in the future, many transactions will take place over the bitcoin network. The problem is everyone understands fundamentals and any information you use in your fundamental analysis is known to every market participant already. Therefore fundamental analysis isnt that useful for a trader. What ...more


A classic of Technical Analysis. The basic concepts are timeless, so if you want to learn the basics of TA, this book will help you get some general knowdlege of the subject.
Some indicator/oscilators proposed,money management and actual trading tips are sometimes outdated, but you can get the general concept here and start working your way up.
A great rookie book, with all the basics you need to cover. Mind you, this book should be only used as an introduction to TA and trading, and you should by


A great introduction to Technical Analysis (TA). It reads like a text book explaining everything there is to learn about TA. It provides all the nuts and bolts on which we can build upon. Everything that I learnt may not be useful but TA gives me a new angle to view the markets.


I came across this book while searching for some good content on Technical Analysis of Stock Markets and during my hunt Murphys book was omnipresent. I shall say the book is a good introductory material but thats what it is, at best, an introduction. It isnt much of a guide nor it is very comprehensive in the sense. The book is more of an academic standard than practical purpose. Mr. Murphy at times go on elaborating certain aspects which arent much of a show and in particular the volume int ...more


This book is a gargatuan aggregation of technical analysis concepts covering stock, commodities etc . The market is tanking as I am writing this review but hei, it is never too early or late to learn something. Much to be learned though.


This Book Is really give a great overview of how FA makes good Judgment before going on trade

Although Im still learning in the Financial Markets but i can Say this book is a real strong base for anyone to start



Initially I borrowed it from the library. After reading it, I decided to have a copy. Highly recommend.


Best book out there for Technical analysis.


One of the best books I have read on the subject! The author does a great job describing many different techniques and the ideas behind them. If you really want a course in market analysis this should be one of the first places to look.


older but good info

Some are very basic some are very complex.

Need to finish but cant keep my eyes open when reading it.


I started trading a month ago, because of the COVID-19 and I decided that since I was going to stay at home for the next couple of weeks, I better use my time wisely and start doing something productive, and learning a new skill was definitely one of the things I could do.
And so I decided to learn about investing and trading, and after reading some articles and reviews of some books, I thought that this particular book would be the one to introduce me to the understanding of the markets and how


It reads like an academic textbook, but if youre serious about understanding the theory of technical analysis - charts, trends, indexes, oscillators, and even basics of money management - then this is an absolute must read.

Technical vs Fundamental analysis is a hotly debated subject, but technicians believe that trends already reflect the underlying factors and usually, no one can figure out all the reasons why something happened, and by the time they do, its impossible to ride the wave. So rea



Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets is a decent primer on technical analysis. Most can expect to learn the value of support/resistance lines, volume, and indicators. Some of the concepts and strategies are out of date (especially the section on indicators) but his discussion on support/resistance lines continues to be relevant and useful in the real markets. For someone just entering the markets and looking to learn technical analysis, this is a good place to start, even if it does get a ...more


Technical analysis of financial markets
Author: John Murphy


Too subjective. Charts are open to various interpretations.


Excellent, in depth overview of technical market analysis


Good compendium of knowledge, still actual.


This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.


Reader friendly language and easy to understand


Basic Tactic and worth to study again and again


I began this book with a completely blank slate. I had googled for books on technical analysis. The very first recommendation was that of John Murphys this book on technical analysis. I found the Audible version of the book. I have presently finished chapter 5. By now, I have finished with what the author calls as the building blocks of technical analysis. Lucid flow of the book does not fail to impress you. The author gives historical context of how the technical analysis began and why it ...more


I have a very strong belief in fundamental analysis and just want to have some exposure to the technical point of view. Mostly want to know about the underline reasoning for all the abstract techniques that technical analysts used. What is the psychology that leads to the support and resistance phenomenon.

The book somewhat answers my curiosity when going through simple topics but fails/not attempt to give any reasoning or historical implementation behind more abstracted (advance) methods like B



Every investor will always tell you that theres no better time to invest in the financial market. Ive been into forex and binary trade for quite a while now, and I must say it really goes with loss without the right approach and strategy. I have gotten to the point where I understand that strategy is a key element of a long term successful trading. You can keep making wins at the beginning of a period and later, you start making losses toward the end of the trading period or even halfway. This ...more


Usefulness of this book depends on your goals. If you are looking for information that would help you formulate a profitable trading strategy, this book is not going to be helpful as it lacks detail. However, if you would like to learn about basics of technical analysis, say to be able to understand what others are talking about, then its a good book that will give you solid foundations. For example, if you do not know what an oscillator or head and shoulders pattern is, then this book will hel ...more


Lot of technical analysis knowledge for both stock market & futures packed in. Very elaborate explanation about most concepts (well, more than required), but some important ones or at least concepts which I expected I would study about in depth, for ex., Bollinger Bands, RSI, Stochastic, etc. are really pretty brief.
Overall, yeah, youll be more knowledgeable than when you started this book. Decent read and delivers its promise of exposing us to different technical tools - not all or modern ones

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