• Patient-Centered
  • Facilitation of care delivery by physicians and all caregivers
  • Governance characterized by transparency, participation, and accountability
  • Safety, efficiency, and quality
  • Optimization of revenue cycle
  • Recognition of demands of an academic medical practice
  • Collaborative models of care
  • Support for research and analytics

It’s all about connecting – connecting with our patients and with one another. This is why UTHealth is preparing to move to an integrated electronic health record (EHR) and revenue cycle system designed to enhance the connection for patients with their health care teams.

For this transformational initiative, called UTHealthCONNECT, UTHealth is partnering with Epic Systems to implement a powerful tool for connecting patients to our health care providers who provide their care at UT Physicians clinics, UTHealth Harris County Psychiatric Center, and UT Health Services.

Registration, scheduling, clinical documentation, and billing will all be part of this single, integrated EHR, which launched on May 8, 2021.

Electronic Health Record Governance Task Force

EHR Team

An Epic celebration

May 8, 2021 |


After years of anticipation and hard work, the moment has finally arrived – Epic is here.

  • Why UTHealthCONNECT?

    We have launched this transformational initiative to empower our patients, caregivers, researchers, health care delivery partners, and business managers with contemporary tools and processes that deliver powerful reporting, improved outcomes, efficient billing, and prevention of medical errors.

  • Why did UTHealth choose Epic?

    Epic emphasizes care delivery and has been putting its patients at the center of the are experience for more than 40 years. After an extensive review of EHR systems, with input from stakeholders across UTHealth, we concluded that Epic would best fulfill the needs of patients and our university community and allow for improved integration with our teaching hospitals.

  • What is the project timeline?

    We have begun the pre-work phase and expect to “go live,” launching the system in our health care settings in May 2021.

    • March 2020

      Pre-phase Work Completion

    • March to August 2020

      Configuration Phase

    • August 2020 to March 2021

      Readiness phase

    • March to May 2021


    • May 2021

      We Go Live

  • What can patients expect?

    Through an enhanced online portal, once the electronic health records system is live in May 2021, patients will be able to easily schedule appointments, see lab results, communicate with their provider through messaging and other tools, pay bills, and much more.

  • What can employees expect?

    The UTHealthCONNECT initiative will connect our faculty and staff through the use of integrated electronic health record and revenue cycle system that is designed to optimize countless processes. It will focus on the needs of practicing physicians, as well as other care providers and staff, all of whom will participate in building a better system for our patients and one another.

    To keep our employees informed, updates will be posted regularly on this website as well as the UTHealthCONNECT section on Inside UTHealth . and UTP Connect .

  • How can I help?

    Throughout the implementation of the EHR system and during the launch in our clinics and psychiatric hospital, volunteers will be essential to our success. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities related to the UTHealthCONNECT initiative, please fill out the contact form below!.  Thank you. 

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