Red-brown necrotic spots on leaves A4: And The chief, or lord
219—221, 2019-12-31, :, , retrieved 2020-11-06• Liu F, Wei Y, Yang XZ And Others 1992 , , Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica, Issue 10, Folder 27, Page 785-787, Retrieved 13-11-2019 1 Flowers for human consumption [ ] Safflower oil as a medium for In coloring , dried safflower flowers are used as a natural source for the orange-red pigment


Michelle Asp, Angela Collene, Leigh Norris And Others" 2-1-2011 ,, Clinical Nutrition, Issue 4, Folder 30, Page 443-449, Retrieved 13-11-2019.

Therefore, many varieties are not suitable in irrigated agriculture especially on soils with danger of waterlogging
فوائد العصفر وزيته العجيب
In early stages, safflower tolerates humidity but after bud stage the danger of a Botrytis blight infestation increases Safflower is drought tolerant
A four-year rotation is recommended to reduce disease pressure
An heirloom variety originating in , called "Corrales Azafran", is still cultivated and used as a saffron substitute in The Cultural History of Plants
It can adapt well to soil pH pH 5-8 and tolerates salinity

تعلّم اللغة العربية ممتع مع قصص عصافير

Rukmini 10-1997 , , Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, Issue 3, Folder 51, Page 219—230.

أهم 10 فوائد لعشبة العصفر
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تعلّم اللغة العربية ممتع مع قصص عصافير
Root development is reduced Resistant cultivar Rust Can occur at seedling phase or at foliage phase
أهم 10 فوائد لعشبة العصفر
Safflower can be well grown on different soil types, with water supply as its main driving factor for suitability, depending on climate and irrigation, and the resulting different water regimes of the different soil types