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Pics from the Wingman Beer Summit!

You know you missed some fun last night, right? We teamed up with the Hunt Club to provide some beer education. We had a stone-cold certified mixologist explaining about the beers and why they’re so dope. We’ll be doing these again, so enjoy the pics and stay tuned!

I’m not at work today, so I got you this mixtape!

Yeah, so I’m not at work today. BUT DON’T BE SAD! I made you a mixtape because I care about you. It’s after the jump. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! (In case you’re wondering, I’ll be down south gorging on Chik Fil-A celebrating my granny’s birthday!) (…You weren’t wondering, were you? That’s kinda lame of you.… Continue reading ‘I’m not at work today, so I got you this mixtape!’

Station Domination: gives you the goods!

Yesterday morning, we threw down at the Addison Red Line stop as a part of our celebration of the relaunch of We gave away some coffee tumblers and made with the yuk-yuks. Also,  click here to vote on our Facebook page where we should give away more of the aformentioned coffee tumblers. We’re planning… Continue reading ‘Station Domination: gives you the goods!’

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Flight to Neverland_K#C6840blog

Hey you, look at this: “Peter Pan” giveaway!

If you’re anything like me, you grew up adoring the story of “Peter Pan”. Honestly, it’s a dope concept. You never have to grow up, you can fly, AND you get to fight pirates? Amaaaazing. I’ll get right to it. Want to win 2 VIP tickets to the first performance (4/29) of “Peter Pan”, $350… Continue reading ‘Hey you, look at this: “Peter Pan” giveaway!’

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Bulleit Rye Whiskey Launch Party: You want in?

That’s right, cappie. It’s a good ol’fashioned exclusive giveaway. So here’s what you get: 10 (yes, 10) of you will be joining me as we sample the all-NEW Bulleit Rye Whiskey, get our hobnob on with the brand’s founder, Tom Bulleit, have cocktails, and partake in a delicious pig roast. I KNOW, RIGHT? This was… Continue reading ‘Bulleit Rye Whiskey Launch Party: You want in?’

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DJ BIG_ONCE: The RE-mix Playlist Series

Another week, another entry into the RE-mix Playlist Series. This week, we’re straight West-coasting with DJ Big_Once, one of the Music Trust fam and competitor in the 2011 Red Bull Thre3style battle April 28th at the Mid.  (Update: WHICH HE WON! Prooooud of youuuu!)   Enjoy this week’s playlist and be sure to check Once… Continue reading ‘DJ BIG_ONCE: The RE-mix Playlist Series’

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Wanna go see K.R.I.T and Gangsta Gibbs? Enter below!

Hey you, look at this: Big K.R.I.T/Freddie Gibbs ticket giveaway!

I’m starting to think I’m spoiling you guys. Last week, I hit you with a giveaway to go see Yelawolf, and this week I’ve got more country rap amazing-ness for you + yours. Let’s cut to the chase. Want to win a pair of tix to see K.R.I.T and Gangsta Gibbs, along with Smoke DZA… Continue reading ‘Hey you, look at this: Big K.R.I.T/Freddie Gibbs ticket giveaway!’

Ernest goes to: Yelawolf at Reggie’s Rock Club

Oh yes! Last night I caught a show by the newest member of the Shady family (and 2011 XXL Freshman) Yelawolf at Reggie’s last night. First, Dave Coresh warmed the crowd up (which was D.I.V.E.R.S.E btw) and had folks rhyming along. During the packed show,  an unexpected TRAVIS MOTHERF’N BARKER came out and sat in… Continue reading ‘Ernest goes to: Yelawolf at Reggie’s Rock Club’

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De_la_0160 (LORES)

The RE-mix Playlist Series: DJ delaChapelle

Oh yes… Baseball has kicked off, there’s a small(ok, really small) hint of nice weather in the air…it looks like spring is on it’s way! Lucky for you, I’ve recruited one of Chicago’s finest DJ’s to hit you with some new jams to take you all the way into summertime. This week’s RE-mix Playlist Series… Continue reading ‘The RE-mix Playlist Series: DJ delaChapelle’