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Music Tuesday: New stuff to listen to and stuff you missed

It’s Tuesday, which means we’re all about the music on this blog. Here’s some new music you should check out…I even broke it up by genre because I love you so much.


  • Dead Sara – “Weatherman”: LA four-piece Dead Sara is really refreshing. Someone more talented than I could give you a genre to compare them to, but since rock isn’t really selling anymore, isn’t it all “indie”? Anyhoo, listen.

Find more Dead Sara here.


“DJ V- DUB: The Best of King Louie”

YAY MIXTAPES! This is the first time some of you are going to bear witness to Chicago rap upstart King Louie. David Drake over at Somanyshrimp did a great interview with him, but trust that this guy has a serious buzz right now. How serious, you may ask? I heard some of his older stuff and wasn’t impressed. I relayed that fact to Naledge and AB from FSD. Andrew reacted like I punched his grandmother and the next day, I received a CUSTOM tape featuring Louie’s best raps. That’s a heavy co-sign, trust. I will gladly admit that I was wrong. Get caught up now.

Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think.