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Bulleit Rye Whiskey Launch Party: You want in?

That’s right, cappie. It’s a good ol’fashioned exclusive giveaway.

So here’s what you get:

10 (yes, 10) of you will be joining me as we sample the all-NEW Bulleit Rye Whiskey, get our hobnob on with the brand’s founder, Tom Bulleit, have cocktails, and partake in a delicious pig roast.

I KNOW, RIGHT? This was me when they told me about it: Approvals

So yeah, the party is tomorrow night (Wednesday, April 13th),you obviously have to be 21, and the event is at a location I’m not at liberty to discuss since it’s only by invite.

Tell you what.  Leave a comment and tell me what you love most about Whiskey. I’ll pick my favorite 10. Don’t bro out and say “it’s good!” or “It’s amazingandIshouldwinbecauseIneverwinanythingandyouneverpickmewaaaah”.

Seriously, let’s have some fun with this! Good luck.