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TBOX 2010: I came, I saw, I got soaked.

I want to start this post by saying that TBOX was a rager trapped in a bacchanal that got married to a five-alarm fire. In Texas.

Now let’s try and recap what happened.

  • I started the morning at Cubby Bear at 8 am. Read that again. The line wasn’t that long and I managed to be one of the first people through the door.
  • The barcrawl as a whole cannot be described unless you see it for yourself. I was expecting..well, I don’t know WHAT I was expecting, but I definitely wasn’t disappointed.
  • The concept of the cereal shot is actually smart. Take a bunch of them, you’ll last longer.
  • The plan was to go wire-to-wire (attend the entire barcrawl from start to finish) but the rain put the kibosh on that pretty damn quick.
  • Dear girl who wore heels and promptly ate it into a puddle: I hope you’re ok, but that was an amateur move.
  • Is there a worse feeling in the world than being somewhat intoxicated and completely soaked? I’d wager that answer to be “No.”

Ok, so you aren’t here to listen to me go on and on. Check out these shots (taken throughout the day, so I may look a, vacant) and then go over to Metromix and dive into not one, but THREE TBOX 2010 galleries:

TBOX 2010

NAUGHTIEST TBOX 2010 PICS (my personal fave)


Did you go to TBOX? Wish you did? Let me know in the comments.