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Red Eye Bud Light 10-22 004

Redzone Raids 2011: The pics

Every football weekend, we descend on Chicago bars, make Bud Light rain from the heavens, and enjoy the games with you, our loving readers. Check out these pics and check back every week for new bars and hilarious photos.

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Music Tuesday: Freddie Gibbs, L.E.P Bogus Boys, A$AP Rocky and more..

Halloween was chock-full of treats yesterday as we all got blessed with a metric ton of new music. Here’s a bunch of it. Freddie Gibbs – Cold Day In Hell by LiftedResearchGroup Freddie Gibbs – Cold Day in Hell Gangster Gibbs is back! The 8th best thing to come out of Gary, Indiana (BTW, the… Continue reading ‘Music Tuesday: Freddie Gibbs, L.E.P Bogus Boys, A$AP Rocky and more..’

A loving tribute to “In Living Color”

Well, damn. According to Finke-o-tron, Fox is bringing back In Living Color for a few midseason specials, with a promise for a full series reboot if the ratings are good next year. I’m expecting the usual “OH THEY’RE OUT OF IDEAS IN HOLLYWOOD HARRUMPH” stuff but I’m actually pretty excited to see what happens. I’d… Continue reading ‘A loving tribute to “In Living Color”’

The REMIX Playlist Series: New tunes you can use

I come across a lot of dope music. Here’s a big ass post filled with it. Call it the REMIX tape? Talib Kweli feat. Dave Chappelle – Keynote Speaker Damn, I miss Dave Chappelle. When The Night Falls (Ghosthouse Remix) by GHOSTHOUSE Chromeo – When the night falls (Ghosthouse remix) I LOVE DISCO REMIXES OF… Continue reading ‘The REMIX Playlist Series: New tunes you can use’

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Wingman Chicago: The November of Dressing Nicely is back.

Let’s get the mood right. Press play and let it ride while you read. The November of Dressing Nicely is almost upon us, and Chicago gents, it’s time to get your sh*t together. If this is your first time hearing about this, here’s a little backstory: Last year, a guy from LA came into the… Continue reading ‘Wingman Chicago: The November of Dressing Nicely is back.’

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Giveaway: Reelings 30th Anniversary Festival Tix

Reeling: The Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival proudly celebrates its 30th anniversary November 3-12. Reeling kicks off with the critically acclaimed, coming-of-age drama The Wise Kids, directed by Chicago-based filmmaker Stephen Cone. Closing the festival this year are two laugh-out-loud comedies, Cho Dependent and Going Down in La-La Land. To purchase tickets, view… Continue reading ‘Giveaway: Reelings 30th Anniversary Festival Tix’

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Music Tuesday: New stuff to listen to and stuff you missed

It’s Tuesday, which means we’re all about the music on this blog. Here’s some new music you should check out…I even broke it up by genre because I love you so much. Rock: Dead Sara – “Weatherman”: LA four-piece Dead Sara is really refreshing. Someone more talented than I could give you a genre to… Continue reading ‘Music Tuesday: New stuff to listen to and stuff you missed’

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Tasting of the new Strawberry liqueur

Ernest goes to: Qream (with a Q) drink launch thing

This past Friday evening, a bunch of cool attractive folks and I got the privilege of partying with Pharrell F’n Williams and Jermaine Dupri as they helped launch the new liqueur Qream (with a Q, you know like CREAM! WITH A Q!) Anyway, it was a blast seeing folks I hadn’t seen in awhile and… Continue reading ‘Ernest goes to: Qream (with a Q) drink launch thing’