There's a beautifully controlled passion bubbling away beneath the surface of this film, revealed slowly and carefully But hearing the music - specifically, this music - cannot help but call to mind the memory of what she lost in order to gain it; namely, Marianne
Their relationship changes to become more intimate, but their language doesn't The portrayal is so empathetic that your heart can't help but ache when it isn't swooning from the sumptuously understated romance of it all

Portrait of a Lady on Fire Ending & Final Scene Meaning Explained

It is a film that depicts some Eighteenth Century women, a film that is multi-layered and yet shows things that still ring true today.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire
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An intimately felt and intimately developed forbidden love that feels natural, nuanced, and enormously engaging
Portrait of a Lady on Fire Ending & Final Scene Meaning Explained
It eventually made its wide release in the United States in February 2020
This is a transitory time, one locked in isolation and free from men, though the presence of the patriarchy is unavoidable as it limits their life choices
As P-Funk used to say, "If you don't like the effects, don't produce the cause Do you smoke PCP during a poker match? While the common interpretation of this is that Orpheus chooses to look back, Héloïse offers her own: that Eurydice called to him to turn around, and only because of that did he decide to do so

Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019)

Netflix paid a pretty penny betting there are enough people looking for the film equivalent of a drunken, disheveled one-night stand.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019)
In a sequence of five minutes or so that leaves the audience short of breath, Marianne sees Héloïse for the second and presumably final time since leaving her home on Brittany, this time at a concert
Portrait of a Lady on Fire Ending & Final Scene Meaning Explained
He travels to the underworld and pleads his case to Hades to have her returned - Hades agrees, but on the condition that, as they walk out of the caves, he must not look at her or he'll lose her again, this time for good
Portrait of a lady on fire