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Ultimate Markley Interview Now Available

Ever since Marc Maron rebooted his career with his podcast WTF, comedians have been flocking to the format, and every time I listen to one of these long, meandering conversations between generally funny people, I grow jealous. After all my scintilla of faux-fame has netted me many interviews but usually it’s either in writing (which… Continue reading ‘Ultimate Markley Interview Now Available’

Come to Book Club Wednesday

A short post will have to suffice today because Labor Day weekend was a beast, mostly thanks to my friends Diego and Maeve, who got married in Rockford. Actually, not thanks to them, because for a wedding between two attractive 20-somethings (well, one attractive 20-something and Diego) there was an astonishing dearth of unmarried women,… Continue reading ‘Come to Book Club Wednesday’

‘Publish This Book’ Will Save You From Muggings

As if you need another reason to buy a copy of “Publish This Book” check out this letter I got the other day from one Steve Scarano of New York, New York. Markley, First off you are a bastard for inadvertently stealing my idea of praising Jon Stewart in your book as a ploy to… Continue reading ‘‘Publish This Book’ Will Save You From Muggings’

Judging for DePaul’s Lit Mag “Threshold” Includes Party

One rule I try to live by is never agree to anything unless there is a party later that involves booze and college girls. It seems like a strange stipulation if you’re delivering the eulogy at a funeral, but I have principles and I stand by them. With this in mind, I agreed to judge… Continue reading ‘Judging for DePaul’s Lit Mag “Threshold” Includes Party’