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There Will Be No ‘White Knight’ for the Republican Field

With Super Tuesday a kind of Romney-leaning wash, it appears as if the Republican field will march forward on their snipe hunt. Even though I still think it’s mostly inconceivable that Romney won’t be the nominee, I’m done predicting anything about this cluster. Well, except for this: there’s been a lot of chatter in political… Continue reading ‘There Will Be No ‘White Knight’ for the Republican Field’

The One Possible Non-Romney Scenario

I’ve got some bad news for the giddy punditocracy: Mitt Romney will almost certainly be the Republican nominee. The recent Rick Santorum surge (kids, please Google “Santorum surge” for an anatomy lesson that will delight you) in Iowa only highlights just how badly the Republican electorate wants to vote for almost anyone else, and Santorum… Continue reading ‘The One Possible Non-Romney Scenario’

Do We Have a Mitt Romney Blind Spot?

Earlier this year, I predicted that Rick Perry would be a formidable candidate for the Republican nomination, and likely the winner. I still think he would have waltzed to the nomination if he could manage even a 38% not-clueless factor in his debate performances and public appearances, but alas, he has been a gaffe manufacturer… Continue reading ‘Do We Have a Mitt Romney Blind Spot?’

Required Reading: Dickinson’s Summary of GOP Fealty to the Rich

Recently, I found myself involved in a conversation with a friend of mine who works for Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan (yes, unbelievably I do have a friend who works for Paul Ryan), architect of the truly dreadful plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system. Typical of most conversations I have with Republicans, I found… Continue reading ‘Required Reading: Dickinson’s Summary of GOP Fealty to the Rich’

Debt Debate Ignores History, Common Sense

As if one needed further evidence that the Republican party and the conservative “movement” has completely left the planet, we get this fantastic debate about raising the debt ceiling. This is not so much a debate, as a group of either very misinformed or willfully ignorant right-wing yahoos putting a gun to the head of… Continue reading ‘Debt Debate Ignores History, Common Sense’

The Republican Primary Is My New “Lost”

“Lost” went off the air a while ago, likely ending the era of hour-long network dramas that I will watch, but this Republican primary might be just the ticket to replace it. Think about it: both are bizarre, unfolding dramas where the lead characters don’t participate in a world even remotely resembling reality. Both have… Continue reading ‘The Republican Primary Is My New “Lost”’