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I had yet another appearance on “Politics Tonight”, this time to talk about Jon Huntsman dropping out of the Republican primary race, Stephen Colbert’s stellar new Superpac ads and presidential campaign (with some pushback about the purpose and effectiveness of that endeavor), as well as prostitutes endorsing Ron Paul (which allowed me a momentary red-faced rant). Watch part one here, part two here, and red-faced rant here.

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Markley Returns as Pundit, Wears Tie This Time /off-the-markley/2012/01/12/markley-returns-as-pundit-wears-tie-this-time/ /off-the-markley/2012/01/12/markley-returns-as-pundit-wears-tie-this-time/#comments Thu, 12 Jan 2012 06:51:10 +0000 stephenmarkley /off-the-markley/?p=1744 Continue reading 'Markley Returns as Pundit, Wears Tie This Time']]>

I returned to CLTV’s “Politics Tonight” this week to make my bold predictions about the New Hampshire primary (Romney wins). This time I arrived without hat hair and, at the request of several friends and “adults I know” who may or may not wish that I looked more put together in pretty much all situations, wearing a tie.

You’ll note that this shirt I chose probably could not have a more dubious collection of wrinkles and bunches and that the tie is most properly defined as “askance.” Watch my funtimes here and then here.

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Markley Debuts as TV Pundit with Hat Hair /off-the-markley/2011/12/15/markley-debuts-as-tv-pundit-with-hat-hair/ /off-the-markley/2011/12/15/markley-debuts-as-tv-pundit-with-hat-hair/#comments Thu, 15 Dec 2011 06:15:29 +0000 stephenmarkley /off-the-markley/?p=1641 Continue reading 'Markley Debuts as TV Pundit with Hat Hair']]>

When I got a call from the producer of CLTV’s “Politics Tonight” asking if I wanted to come on the show to talk about the Republican presidential primary race, I obviously said yes. I had actually just woken up that morning thinking, “Hot damn would I love to spout off about politics today–just really rev up and go, maybe predict that Ron Paul will win the Iowa Caucus and call Newt Gingrich a ‘fatuous, hostile megalomaniac.’ That’d be cool.”

Low and behold here it is: You can watch part one of my appearance here, part two here, and part three, obviously, here.

What I didn’t think of as I walked to the Red Line to head downtown to the Trib Tower was that wearing my hat might be a bad idea. I’ve written previously about how the worst part of living in Chicago during the winter is that you absolutely must wear a hat, and therefore you end up walking around for the 37 months that winter lasts in this city with terrible matted, unpleasant, aesthetically dreadful hat hair. The worst part is that it wasn’t even that cold that night, certainly not emergency wear-your-thick-hat weather. Damnit, Markley! I said to myself upon removing my hat in the lobby and realizing my cataclysmic headwear error.

Anyway, check it out, hat hair and all.

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