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Waiting for Occupy Movement to Turn Deadly

First of all, I have to just note the delicious irony of Michael Bloomberg’s recent statement as he arrests participants of Occupy Wall Street and attempts to evict all of Zucotti Park even though a judge declared the occupation legal: “The First Amendment protects free speech,” said Bloomberg in a press conference. “It does not… Continue reading ‘Waiting for Occupy Movement to Turn Deadly’

Talking to a Normal Guy at Occupy Chicago

I was dismayed to see a recent RedEye cover asking “Occupy Overload?” As the Occupy movement spreads and clashes with police become more frequent–perhaps even inevitable–it is important to keep in perspective the root of this protest is not spoiled, entitled college kids asking for a handout, nor unemployed hippies looking for a place to… Continue reading ‘Talking to a Normal Guy at Occupy Chicago’

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On the Ground at Occupy Wall Street

Jesse LaGreca, 31 “I’m a nerd, I’m obsessed with politics. A camera overheard me having a conversation of Griff Jenkins of Fox News, and it didn’t go so well for him… I’m not such a fan of Fox News. I think they have a lovely international conspiracy going. But it’s fun. We have a little… Continue reading ‘On the Ground at Occupy Wall Street’

Check Out My Guest Appearance on CinemaJaw

An insane week in New York City that involved a friend’s wedding, hours and hours at Occupy Wall Street, a trip to the 9/11 Memorial, and a terrible 20-hour experience of losing most of my worldly possessions has led me to drop the ball. The ball is no longer in my hands, is what I’m… Continue reading ‘Check Out My Guest Appearance on CinemaJaw’