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Please, Newt Gingrich, Don’t Go Away

Mitt Romney’s hand-delivered bitch-slap to Newt Gingrich in Florida probably means he (Mitt) is out of the woods in terms of the Republican nomination. Any serious challenge by Rick Santorum or Ron Paul remains highly unlikely, and Newt’s win in South Carolina remains the outlier of his state-by-state performances. Nevertheless, I really like Newt Gingrich… Continue reading ‘Please, Newt Gingrich, Don’t Go Away’

Markley Returns as Pundit, Wears Tie This Time

I returned to CLTV’s “Politics Tonight” this week to make my bold predictions about the New Hampshire primary (Romney wins). This time I arrived without hat hair and, at the request of several friends and “adults I know” who may or may not wish that I looked more put together in pretty much all situations,… Continue reading ‘Markley Returns as Pundit, Wears Tie This Time’

Markley Debuts as TV Pundit with Hat Hair

When I got a call from the producer of CLTV’s “Politics Tonight” asking if I wanted to come on the show to talk about the Republican presidential primary race, I obviously said yes. I had actually just woken up that morning thinking, “Hot damn would I love to spout off about politics today–just really rev… Continue reading ‘Markley Debuts as TV Pundit with Hat Hair’

Do We Have a Mitt Romney Blind Spot?

Earlier this year, I predicted that Rick Perry would be a formidable candidate for the Republican nomination, and likely the winner. I still think he would have waltzed to the nomination if he could manage even a 38% not-clueless factor in his debate performances and public appearances, but alas, he has been a gaffe manufacturer… Continue reading ‘Do We Have a Mitt Romney Blind Spot?’

The Republican Primary Is My New “Lost”

“Lost” went off the air a while ago, likely ending the era of hour-long network dramas that I will watch, but this Republican primary might be just the ticket to replace it. Think about it: both are bizarre, unfolding dramas where the lead characters don’t participate in a world even remotely resembling reality. Both have… Continue reading ‘The Republican Primary Is My New “Lost”’