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Does This Pose Make You Randy?

The San Francisco International airport recently built a “yoga room,” where itinerant travelers can get a few down-dogs in before catching a flight. The unintended consequence of this may be a precipitous increase in attempts to join the “mile-high club.” Allow me to explain. Yoga, for better or worse, is taking over the world. A… Continue reading ‘Does This Pose Make You Randy?’

The New York Times Discovers Cornhole

As a regular New York Times reader and supporter, who generally believes people who whine about “coastal elitism” are merely issuing themselves a blanket pardon for their own ignorance or backwardness on various subjects, a recent article appeared that could not make this Midwestern boy want to vomit more. Titled “Just Tossing Around the Old… Continue reading ‘The New York Times Discovers Cornhole’

Increasing Food Costs Hidden from Americans

The New York Times has a great story explaining how the higher cost of food and other raw materials is hidden from the American consumer. In “Food Inflation Kept Hidden in Tinier Bags,” Stephanie Clifford and Catherine Rampell explain how companies disguise the rising cost of food by adding more air to potato chip bags… Continue reading ‘Increasing Food Costs Hidden from Americans’