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We Are All F***ed News Recap: Nuclear Edition

  Roughly a year ago, I wrote a post about how severely f***ed we all are in the wake of the Gulf oil disaster, Europe’s financial predicament and Arizona’s racist legislation. Who would’ve thought that a year later those would all seem so quaint? Here following is the We Are All F***ed News Recap: Nuclear… Continue reading ‘We Are All F***ed News Recap: Nuclear Edition’

The Response to ‘Their Triumph is Our Shame’

Last week, RedEye ran my column “Their Triumph is Our Shame,” in which I dressed a few obvious things up as new wisdom—notably that large swaths of the fervent, passionate people of several Middle Eastern countries deserve a great amount of respect and admiration for risking their personal well-being to rally and fight for democratic… Continue reading ‘The Response to ‘Their Triumph is Our Shame’’

Their Triumph is Our Shame

Democracy is on the march in the Middle East as the uprisings that began in Tunisia and Egypt and soon spread everywhere from Bahrain to Iran continue. While much remains uncertain about what will emerge from these unlikely warp-speed revolutions, one thing is for sure: We Americans should feel like lazy, apathetic garbage. We should… Continue reading ‘Their Triumph is Our Shame’