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‘Politics Tonight’: On Huntsman, Colbert and Paul

I had yet another appearance on “Politics Tonight”, this time to talk about Jon Huntsman dropping out of the Republican primary race, Stephen Colbert’s stellar new Superpac ads and presidential campaign (with some pushback about the purpose and effectiveness of that endeavor), as well as prostitutes endorsing Ron Paul (which allowed me a momentary red-faced… Continue reading ‘‘Politics Tonight’: On Huntsman, Colbert and Paul’

Jon Huntsman, You Crazy Badass Motherf***er

Jonny Huntsman, you wild, wicked, rogue, rebel, badass, crazy-as-a-shithouse-rat motherf***er. First you Tweet: “To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.” Then you get on “This Week” and call Rick Perry a wingnut for saying that scientists have made up climate change to get funding and that… Continue reading ‘Jon Huntsman, You Crazy Badass Motherf***er’

The Republican Primary Is My New “Lost”

“Lost” went off the air a while ago, likely ending the era of hour-long network dramas that I will watch, but this Republican primary might be just the ticket to replace it. Think about it: both are bizarre, unfolding dramas where the lead characters don’t participate in a world even remotely resembling reality. Both have… Continue reading ‘The Republican Primary Is My New “Lost”’