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Do We Have a Mitt Romney Blind Spot?

Earlier this year, I predicted that Rick Perry would be a formidable candidate for the Republican nomination, and likely the winner. I still think he would have waltzed to the nomination if he could manage even a 38% not-clueless factor in his debate performances and public appearances, but alas, he has been a gaffe manufacturer… Continue reading ‘Do We Have a Mitt Romney Blind Spot?’

Obama, Meyers Slay at the Correspondent’s Dinner

Have you seen Obama’s speech this year from the White House Correspondent’s Dinner? Because it is legitimately hilarious. If you haven’t yet, you owe it to yourself to watch it. Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers also had a pretty good time ridiculing everyone in the room. Nothing will ever top the sheer comic discomfort of… Continue reading ‘Obama, Meyers Slay at the Correspondent’s Dinner’

No, Donald Trump Is Not a Viable Candidate

I was going to title this post “No, Donald Trump Will Not Run for President,” but that would involve me formulating some kind of opinion about the psychology of Donald Trump, which is a carnival ride I do not want to step onto. What I find strange, however, is that suddenly everyone in the media… Continue reading ‘No, Donald Trump Is Not a Viable Candidate’