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Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) walks to the Senate chamber on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. (Joshua Roberts, Reuters)

‘Debt Chicken’ Will Become New National Pastime

As a sports fan who finds baseball about interesting as watching paint dry on growing grass, I’m so happy to see that the United States has found itself a new national pastime, which we can call “debt chicken.” Forget the fact that you cannot find an economist who thinks sucking billions of dollars out of… Continue reading ‘‘Debt Chicken’ Will Become New National Pastime’

Debt Debate Ignores History, Common Sense

As if one needed further evidence that the Republican party and the conservative “movement” has completely left the planet, we get this fantastic debate about raising the debt ceiling. This is not so much a debate, as a group of either very misinformed or willfully ignorant right-wing yahoos putting a gun to the head of… Continue reading ‘Debt Debate Ignores History, Common Sense’