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‘The Energy Bills’ Shows How to Cut Energy Use Easily

Winter has arrived, which means that 1) it’s really hard to tell if the person you’re hitting on in a bar is physically fit because of their enormous and unflattering winter coat and 2) people are wasting gobs of energy heating their homes.

This may include me, because no matter what we do in our apartment, the temperature hasn’t gotten over 63 degrees since December, and I’ve run out of windows to check and thermostat buttons to play with. Enter Energy Impact Illinois, which has produced a series starring two Second City actors (which means they have a 40% chance of being jaw-droppingly famous someday) called “The Energy Bills.” I got turned on to this by my friend Graham, who’s some PR jerk always taking me to weird parties, but after watching the first four episodes, I realized I have more options than just checking windows.

Mildly amusing and informative, the web series is a good reminder of how much money and carbon emissions we waste by not doing simple things that take a four-minute trip to the hardware store. Particularly in a city like Chicago, where the winter is exceptionally long and dark and cold and soul-draining and miserable and worth questioning why you ever bothered slipping out of your mother’s birth canal if you were just going to stand on this stupid El platform while your toes and ears and fingers and genitals go numb, waiting for a train where you’ll only end up sweating in your enormous, formless winter coat, wondering why you didn’t go look for a job in Florida after college and sit on the beach all day and drink Coronas like in the commercials rather than braving this endless snow and ice and bitter wind that reminds you we will all one day be sucked into death’s void totally and utterly alone, it’s important to be energy conscious.