I'm assuming this has to do with Memphis Other large companies based in Cologne include the , , and a number of breweries
The first golf club in was founded in Cologne in 1906 ±% 50 30,000 — 150 50,000 +66


Due to the economic success of the , the city arranged a large extension to the fair site in 2005.

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Cologne was also an important hotbed for electronic music in the 1950s Studio für elektronische Musik, and again from the 1990s onward
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In 953, the archbishops of Cologne first gained noteworthy secular power when bishop was appointed as duke by his brother ,
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Parts of the original Roman sewers are preserved underneath the city, with the having opened in 1890
There are several mosques, including the run by the Generally, around a million people celebrate in the streets on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday
Gereon, which was originally a chapel in a Roman graveyard The city's medieval Catholic Kölner Dom is a globally recognized landmark and one of the most visited sights and destinations in Europe


Thus they took up residence in and later in on the Rhine.

Cologne prospered during the 1919—33 , and progress was made especially in public governance, city planning, housing and social affairs
These conflicts alienated the Catholic population from Berlin and contributed to a deeply felt anti-Prussian resentment, which was still significant after World War II, when the former mayor of Cologne, , became the first West German chancellor
During Cologne was the target of several minor air raids but suffered no significant damage
In 1959, the city's population reached pre-war numbers again According to the Peace 1801 all the territories of the on the left bank of the Rhine were officially incorporated into the which had already occupied Cologne in 1794
The , started in 1248 but abandoned around 1560, was eventually finished in 1880 not just as a place of worship but also as a German national monument celebrating the newly founded and the continuity of the German nation since the Middle Ages Life's Picture History of World War II, p


The city is also home of the ice hockey team , in the highest league in Germany, the.

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These dialects are spoken in the area covered by the Archdiocese and former reaching from in the north to just south of , west to and east to in the North-West of
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This was not completed until 1933
According to the Statistical Office of the City of Cologne, the number of people with a migrant background is at 36