Due to COVID-19 and its impact on the current environment, the United States Postal Service is unable to deliver mail to certain foreign countries. As a result, Delaware Funds by Macquarie will be delaying mailings to impacted clients.

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Manage your Delaware Funds® by Macquarie account1 online

Account Access is a password-protected, privacy-enhanced website available to shareholders anytime.

With Account Access, you can

Check the daily value of
your account and portfolio.

Review your account history.

Make purchases, exchanges, and redemptions
(to existing accounts only).


Shareholders can go paperless and choose to receive fund materials electronically rather than through the mail. Its free. Its easy. Its environmentally friendly. And you can switch back to paper any time you want.

Gain secure online access
to your documents anytime.

Reduce recordkeeping clutter.

Help the environment
by using less paper.

To sign up for eDelivery, you must be registered for Account Access. Once logged in to your account, follow the instructions for eDelivery.

1. All features are not available for every type of account.

2. Foresters Investment Management Company, Inc. (FIMCO), the investment adviser to the formerly First Investors Funds, entered into an agreement with Macquarie Management Holdings, Inc. (MMHI), a leading global investment management company, whereby MMHI, on behalf of its affiliate Delaware Management Company (DMC), a series of Macquarie Investment Management Business Trust (“Macquarie”), acquired FIMCO’s asset management business. All assets and liabilities of each formerly First Investors Fund were transferred to a corresponding, newly formed fund in the Delaware Funds by Macquarie family of funds. Each fund has the same or substantially the same investment objective and the same or similar principal investment strategies and principal risks as the corresponding formerly First Investors Fund. The transaction closed end of business on Oct. 4, 2019.

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