Comprehensive List of Top 10 Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in India.

Here is List of Top 10 Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in India with some of them even listed in NSE and BSE Stock Exchange.

The world now wants to diversify the Global Supply Chain of Semiconductor Chipset and even Indian Government is now Encouraging New Startups in India. India and the world no longer want to rely on just few American, Japanese and South Korean or Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturers.

Let us now have a look at this comprehensive List of Top 10 Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in India.


What is a semiconductor?

A semiconductor can be defined as a substance with properties of a conductor and insulator both.

It can conduct electricity under certain circumstances but not always. This physics and property of a semiconductor makes it a good medium to use electricity in a controlled manner as and where required.

So, we can say that a semiconductor is a material that has electrical conductivity greater than an insulator but less than a conductor.

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List of Top 10 Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in India

S.No Company Products Location
1. Saankhya Labs Semiconductor Solutions Bengaluru

ASM Technologies

Stock Listed: 526433 (BOM)

Semiconductor Engineering Bengaluru
3. Broadcom Inc Semiconductor and Infrastructure Software Solutions Bangalore
4. Chiplogic Technologies Semiconductor Design Services Bangalore
5. CDIL Semiconductor Manufacturer New Delhi
6. MosChip Semiconductor Technologies Fabless Semiconductor Hyderabad
7. Einfochips Semiconductor Design Services Ahmadabad
8. Tata Elxsi AI, Machine learning, NLP Bengaluru
9. Semi-Conductor Laboratory R&D in Semiconductor Technology Mohali
10. NXP Semiconductors Semiconductor Startup Incubation Bangalore

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Hindustan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation

Government of India has cancelled the letter of intent (LoI) granted to HSMC Technologies India to set up the country’s first electronic chip manufacturing plant in the State of Gujarat.

The LoI issued to the consortium led by HSMC Technologies India Pvt Ltd had to be cancelled as the consortium could not submit the requisite documents as per the LoI even after extended time period.

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