It is upon him to take all the necessary arrangements that would aid him in attending the congregation; such as setting an alarm clock, sleeping early, and not staying up late without a legislated benefit, and Allah is the granter of success So it is an obligation upon the Muslim to maintain the prayer in congregation, and strive against himself so as not to miss the prayer, and to overcome the desire of sleep and comfort, and prefer the reward that is with Allah the Majestic over it
It is that a person is a believer from within, but acts with some of the actions of hypocrites, such as slightly showing off with actions, lying, treachery, betrayal and transgression during disputes

إن أثقل الصلاة على المنافقين صلاة العشاء وصلاة الفجر

It does not nullify all the actions of a person, Riyaa Showing off only nullifies the actions that it mixes with, and a person who shows off with their good deeds is in grave danger, and it is upon this person to repent to Allah and forsake the actions of the hypocrites.

حديث «من صلى العشاء في جماعة..» إلى «ليس صلاة أثقل على المنافقين من..»
This type of hypocrisy removes a person from Islam, necessitates an eternity in the Hellfire, as well as nullifies all the actions of the person in question
أثقل صلاة على المنافقين هي صلاتي
Collected by Bukhari and Muslim Amongst the benefits of the Hadeeth: There are two categories of hypocrisy:• These will have the most severe punishment on the day of resurrection; Allah the Elevated said: Indeed, the hypocrites will be in the lowest depths of the Fire• I wanted to order for the prayer to be established, then order someone to lead the prayer, then go with a few men carrying firewood to the homes of those who do not attend the congregation and burn down their homes
أثقل صلاة على المنافقين
This type of hypocrisy does not remove one from Islam, nor does it necessitate an eternity in the Hellfire
From within, this person is a Jew, a Christian, an idolator or an atheist for example , but outwardly displays Islam and proclaims to be a Muslim, and even joins the Muslims in some of their acts of worship Firstly: Minor Hypocrisy; also known as Action Hypocrisy the hypocrisy related to actions

اثقل صلاة على المنافقين ما هي وما فضلها


حديث «من صلى العشاء في جماعة..» إلى «ليس صلاة أثقل على المنافقين من..»
لماذا كانت العشاء والفجر أثقل الصلاة على المنافق
أثقل صلاة على المنافقين هي صلاتي .....

أثقل صلاة على المنافقين


أثقل الصلاة على المنافقين صلاة العشاء وصلاة الفجر
شرح وترجمة حديث: أثقل الصلاة على المنافقين: صلاة العشاء وصلاة الفجر، ولو يعلمون ما فيها لأتوهما ولو حبوا، ولقد هممت أن آمر بالصلاة فتقام, ثم آمر رجلا فيصلي بالناس, ثم أنطلق معي برجال معهم حزم من حطب إلى قوم لا يشهدون الصلاة فأحرق عليهم بيوتهم بالنار
اثقل صلاة على المنافقين هي