The atmosphere of Fabrica De cafe is uniqe They serve a nice coffee
Double shot Ice spanish latte is a must try and loved that they had coconut milk option

مطعم فابريكا لاونج جدة

Small corner with a floor and.

فابريكا دي الغذاء شاحنة المتقدمة لخدمة تقديم الطعام للجوّال
انتروكوت كافيه دي باريس في الرياض
First point you admired is the design!! Very cozy for a warm conversation and coffee
مطعم شاورماز فابريكا
The coffee that they serve is the highest quality for beans
I tried the flat white it was great The interior and exterior designs area stunning
Beautiful view, creative interior and friendly staff Quantity is Less when compared to other restaurants , But everything tastes delicious

مطعم شاورماز فابريكا

I highly recommend to visit.

كافيه فابريكا دي كافيه (الأسعار+ المنيو+ الموقع)
i recommend you to add extra shot of coffee in your orders
فابريكا دي كافيه الرياض
Their coffee is good as well
كافيه فيرنيانو في الرياض
The extraordinary interior was designed by Dina Alduraibi
Resturants and cider shops open at Friday mornings Recommend to visit in the morning to avoid the traffic of people and roads
amazing from outside seatings to the last thing inside the coffee shop is related to each other i recommend you to add extra shot of coffee in your orders

كافيه فيرنيانو في الرياض

Staff are nice and good.

كافيه لإكلير دي جيني جدة ( الاسعار + المنيو + الموقع )
فابريكا دي كافيه الرياض
كافيه ديلافيه في الرياض