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Now…before you start watching these videos I want to warn you about a couple things. First, the panel went off the rails a bit when Baron announced before the camera even started rolling that horror comics could never be as scary as movies because of their technical limitations and the expectations of the audience. So that kind of threw the rest of us comic-book folks off stride since we all wrote horror comics.  Plus, I’ll admit I was nervous before the panel and had a few drinks before it started to loosen me up. Maybe I was a bit too loose. You tell me:

In Part Two I give a teenage boy in the audience advice on meeting girls using Edward from the Twilight novels as a role model:

In Part Three the train wreck that was the Horror Comics 101 Panel concludes with some talk about horror movies:

So what do you think? Can horror comics be as scary as movies? What scary comics do you read?

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