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Space Stallions brings back 80′s cartoon memories

What do you get when you combine Space Ghost, Masters of the Universe, Thundercats and a pinch of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers? Well, you get SPACE STALLIONS, a brilliant animated short from The Animation Workshop that evokes memories of all those cheesy cartoons from the 80s! The short was created by the team of Thorvaldur… Continue reading ‘Space Stallions brings back 80′s cartoon memories’

Netflix Fail Song: A musical response to the Quikster debacle

With so much venom flowing out on the internet over the announcement that Netflix was splitting off it’s DVD rental service from their streaming service to form Quikster, it’s nice to see someone having a chuckle over it. In the grand tradition of “Weird Al” Yankovic, we have a parody song called “Netflix Fail” from… Continue reading ‘Netflix Fail Song: A musical response to the Quikster debacle’

Jess Godwin embraces her inner “nerd girl”

For those of you who may not know her, Jess Godwin is a local singer/songwriter/musician who also happens to be my latest crush. I met her a while back after discovering her YouTube channel and learning of her love for Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Disney Princesses.  She is currently traveling and playing shows around… Continue reading ‘Jess Godwin embraces her inner “nerd girl”’