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The Muppets play The Hunger Games!

When they were building up the anticipation for “The Muppets” movie’s release in theaters, they made a cleverly crafted parody of “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.” Now, ahead of the film’s release on DVD and Blu-Ray, Kermit and Co. bring to us their take on “The Hunger Games”! Does this whet your appetite for more… Continue reading ‘The Muppets play The Hunger Games!’

Second “Avengers” Trailer hits the Internet!

On May 4th, the culmination of 2 years of Marvel movies will be realized with the release of “The Avengers.” (Technically it’s called “Marvel’s The Avengers” – and is even titled “Avengers Assembled” in the UK, which all sounds like some silly branding issues.) The first trailer met with rave reviews, and this second one… Continue reading ‘Second “Avengers” Trailer hits the Internet!’

The Dark Knight Rises…and gets sweded too!

On Monday, the second teaser trailer to “The Dark Knight Rises” was officially released on the web. Everybody was jumping for joy – and complaining about Bane’s lack of enunciation – but only these guys gave it the “Be Kind To Rewind” treatment: The practice of ‘sweding’ movies has been around for some time, often… Continue reading ‘The Dark Knight Rises…and gets sweded too!’

G.I. JOE: RETALIATION Trailer hits the Web [VIDEO]

Everything that I HATED about the last G.I. JOE movie – the stupid “accelerator suits”, the campy humor – is notably missing in this trailer to the sequel, which is introduced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for Machinima: THIS is what the last G.I. JOE movie should have been! Perhaps they were taking a page… Continue reading ‘G.I. JOE: RETALIATION Trailer hits the Web [VIDEO]‘

Adventures of Tintin Trailer debuts!

Today the trailer for “The Adventures of Tin Tin” debuted on the internet! (Click HERE to view the trailer.) But not only that, here we also have the domestic and international movie posters! For those who are not familiar, Tin Tin is a character that is well known in Europe and who stars in a… Continue reading ‘Adventures of Tintin Trailer debuts!’