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My Adventures at San Diego Comic-Con

Oh boy, did someone get the number of that truck that hit me? As I write this I’m popping down extra-strength cold medicine and sipping plenty of fluids, just one of the things you may find yourself doing after getting home from the spectacle that is the San Diego Comic-Con. Each year, SDCC is built… Continue reading ‘My Adventures at San Diego Comic-Con’

Dressing like a Comic Book Geek according to PAUL [VIDEO]

In just a couple days, I’ll be in California for the Mother of All Comic Book Conventions: San Diego Comic-Con International. Even as I write this, my head is swimming with everything I need to do to prepare for the trip. I’ve got schedules to write; interviews to get in order; video cameras and recorders… Continue reading ‘Dressing like a Comic Book Geek according to PAUL [VIDEO]‘

Geek Gal Blair Butler talks about Comic-Con International

If you’re a comic-book fanboy or fangirl, chances are you’re familiar with Blair Butler. Butler is a correspondent for the G4 Channel‘s “Attack of the Show”, a program that focuses on video games, movies, comics and all things geeky. Not only does Blair report on comic books for her “Fresh Ink” segment on AOTS, but… Continue reading ‘Geek Gal Blair Butler talks about Comic-Con International’

Geek To Me TV: Art Baltazar & Franco @ SDCC

It’s a story of local-boys-done-good, with comic creators Art Baltazar and Franco getting nominated for an Eisner Award for their all-ages title Tiny Titans. Tiny Titans Cast by Art Baltazar I’ve known Art since his early days of selling Patrick the Wolf Boy at the local comic conventions.  We even shop at the same comic… Continue reading ‘Geek To Me TV: Art Baltazar & Franco @ SDCC’