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The 12 Days of Christmas for Geeks (Part Two)

Last week I started off with the 12 Days of Christmas for Geeks, providing you with nerdy version of Days 1 – 4 of the classic holiday tune. I mean, seriously, how do you give someone “Eight maids a’milking”? Do you rent eight maids and 8 cows? And who needs that much milk? Anyway, as… Continue reading ‘The 12 Days of Christmas for Geeks (Part Two)’

Enter the Dress Like an Avenger Contest

This weekend there are going to be a lot of kids – and kids at heart – who will be dressing up as their favorite fantasy characters. The streets are going to be filled with superheroes, slasher movie villains, hobbits, jedi knights and ghostbusters.  I’ll be in costume myself when I attend the Halloween Spooktacular… Continue reading ‘Enter the Dress Like an Avenger Contest’

New Avengers Movie Trailer hits the internet!

By great Odin’s Raven this looks good! All the elements appear to be in place: Top-tier superheroes? Check. Director and screenwriter that is beloved by comic book geeks everywhere in Joss Whedon? Check.  Series of films that have helped establish the Marvel Universe as a coherent, shared ‘reality’ within the films? Check. Just take my… Continue reading ‘New Avengers Movie Trailer hits the internet!’

Indie band sings about Spider-Man’s love life in “Webslinger”

I get lots of fun stuff sent to me by my geeky comrades on the interwebz. In fact, just the other day I was contacted by Joshua Manning of the band Pink for President.  He wanted to share a song that was written with everyone’s Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man in mind.  “We wrote the song about… Continue reading ‘Indie band sings about Spider-Man’s love life in “Webslinger”’

Fantasy Football Marvel Superhero Style (Part Two)

On Tuesday I gave you my roster for a Superhero Fantasy Football team, focusing on the offense. I got some comments on Twitter, and a few suggestions, some of which I’m incorporating right now with the Geek To Me Superhero Fantasy Football Team 2011! THE MARVEL COMICS ROSTER – DEFENSIVE TEAM Defensive Coordinator – Frank… Continue reading ‘Fantasy Football Marvel Superhero Style (Part Two)’

Fantasy Football Marvel Superhero style! (Part One)

Image via With the new NFL season kicking off this Thursday, fantasy football leagues have been furiously holding fantasy drafts so that sports geeks across the country can get their fix. I’ve been part of a league with a few guys from RedEye and each year I get to deal with the trash talking… Continue reading ‘Fantasy Football Marvel Superhero style! (Part One)’

Geeky Cool Toys: Captain America R/C Motorcycle

I’m gonna tell you, when it comes to fun stuff, kids today have it way better than I did when I was young.  Today’s Xbox and PS3 systems just put the Atari and Intelevision video game systems I grew up with to shame. These days if you miss your fave cartoon show, you can catch… Continue reading ‘Geeky Cool Toys: Captain America R/C Motorcycle’

Hey Ultimate Spider-Man Haters…STFU

I’ll admit it, I let it get to me. Normally I could give two squats about what the knuckleheads on message boards say. I’ve even made it a point to stay away from the comment section of any article that has to do with politics or abortion. Those two topics always bring out the worst… Continue reading ‘Hey Ultimate Spider-Man Haters…STFU’

X-Men: First Class (or The Movie That Saved A Franchise)

I just got home from an advanced screening of X-Men: First Class and I’m not sure if I’m still buzzing on the Seattle’s Best coffee I bought at the River East 21 theater or the movie itself. So many folks, both film reviewers and comic-book geeks like myself have already written articulate, well thought-out dissertations… Continue reading ‘X-Men: First Class (or The Movie That Saved A Franchise)’