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Scatterbrained Gallery recreates the horror movie convention experience

If you’re looking for a creepy/cool place to check out this coming Halloween weekend, you’ll definitely want to check out the Scatterbrained Gallery in Lombard, IL.¬† Located at 301 South Westmore¬† (adjacent to the Illinois Prairie Path), Scatterbrained features numerous artworks, collectibles and curiosities that have been gathered by gallery owner Jeffery Gorski. When I… Continue reading ‘Scatterbrained Gallery recreates the horror movie convention experience’

Red State: A Movie Review

“RED STATE” is the newest film by fanboy (and fangirl) fave Kevin Smith (Clerks, DOGMA), and a departure from his usual territory of urban comedic farce, venturing instead into the domain of the horror/thriller. It tells the story of three teenagers who get pulled into a deadly trap by the “Five Points Trinity”, an extreme… Continue reading ‘Red State: A Movie Review’

Sarah Michelle Gellar AKA Buffy the Zombie Slayer?

Well not really, but this new level for Black Ops features zombie-killing action featuring Mrs. Prinze and some other names from horror: From the YouTube channel: “The new zombie level included with Black Ops Escalation features five playable stars. George A. Romero, plays himself as a zombie. And players can take on the role of… Continue reading ‘Sarah Michelle Gellar AKA Buffy the Zombie Slayer?’

G2Mtv: The Collector @ Comic-Con!

While at the San Diego Comic-Con I was able to talk to a bunch of folks in the comics and film community.  One of my fave interviews was with the creative team behind the horror/thriller The Collector.  These are a bunch of local guys who have made their mark in Hollywood, and I present our… Continue reading ‘G2Mtv: The Collector @ Comic-Con!’