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Kevin Smith gives fans a chance to see him “Live From Behind”

As someone who has seen Kevin Smith speak live and in person, I would recommend seeing him at least once.  He has the type of personality that excels at speaking to large audiences, and he’s always candid about his work and personal life. Quite frankly, it took attending one of his talks to give me… Continue reading ‘Kevin Smith gives fans a chance to see him “Live From Behind”’

Come join The Geek and Nerd Girl for their first NERD YEAR’S EVE Party!

The last time Jess Godwin and I got together, we talked about how cool it would be to have a New Year’s Eve party for nerds and geeks like ourselves. We thought that it would be fun to have an alternative to all those big, flashy – and let’s face it – expensive NYE affairs,… Continue reading ‘Come join The Geek and Nerd Girl for their first NERD YEAR’S EVE Party!’

World of Warcraft Fancon: A Virtual Fan Convention!

As someone who’s been to a fair share of conventions, the idea of a ‘virtual fan convention’ does pique my interest.  This week, virtual event host Utherverse will be holding the very first ‘virtual fancon’ for World of Warcraft enthusiasts, dubbed “WoW Fancon.” Taking place entirely in virtual reality, the “WoW Fancon” seeks to replicate… Continue reading ‘World of Warcraft Fancon: A Virtual Fan Convention!’

Get geeky at SocialDevCamp Chicago!

This past summer has been full of cool, geeky events for my brethren in Chicago. There were a number of comic and anime conventions, my tweet-up, and even a blogger summit. Now, as the season winds down, we have one last geek get-together courtesy of Andy Angelos: “Hey Elliott – I co-organize a large event… Continue reading ‘Get geeky at SocialDevCamp Chicago!’

Bloggers assemble at “20SB Summit”

Hey nerds! Just wanted to share some info on a geeky event going on this weekend for bloggers and social networkers – in addition to my Chicago Geek Tweet-Up – that you may be interested in. It comes to my Geek To Me readers via Geek Mail:   Hey Elliott, I’m an entrepreneur from Chicago,… Continue reading ‘Bloggers assemble at “20SB Summit”’

Join me at the first “Chicago Geek Tweet-Up”

I’ve been working on this event for some time now and it’s finally going to happen. Thanks  to the very generous folks at Verizon Wireless, yours truly will be hosting the first ever Geek To Me Chicago Geek Tweet-Up! The event will be taking place on Friday, August 19th at 7pm @ Challengers Comics +… Continue reading ‘Join me at the first “Chicago Geek Tweet-Up”’

Meet the Geek at the Comic Vault!

A recent bout of ‘the crud’ has knocked me out of commission the last day or so, but I should be fully recovered for my appearance at The Comic Vault’s 3 Year Anniversary on Saturday, October 10, 2009.  There will be quite a few comic luminaries there to meet and get your books signed. I’ll… Continue reading ‘Meet the Geek at the Comic Vault!’