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Sonic brings “Justice League” in tot form!

Ever since a Sonic Drive-In opened near my house, it’s been all I could do to resist eating there almost every week. Between their aggressive marketing, funny TV ads and deals on Groupon and Living Social, they make themselves pretty hard to pass up. Comic book geeks are now going to have the additional temptation… Continue reading ‘Sonic brings “Justice League” in tot form!’

The Dark Knight Rises…and gets sweded too!

On Monday, the second teaser trailer to “The Dark Knight Rises” was officially released on the web. Everybody was jumping for joy – and complaining about Bane’s lack of enunciation – but only these guys gave it the “Be Kind To Rewind” treatment: The practice of ‘sweding’ movies has been around for some time, often… Continue reading ‘The Dark Knight Rises…and gets sweded too!’

Geek Gals and Twilight: Is there a double standard?

Okay, I’m going to lead off by stating for the record that I need to be educated on this. While I have been known to be snarky about the topic in the past and have had my fair share of back-and-forth with other geeks on the topic, I’m genuinely looking for some clarity on what… Continue reading ‘Geek Gals and Twilight: Is there a double standard?’

Superman in Chicago: Chicagoans speak out!

This week the city of Chicago is playing host to the crew of the new film “Superman: Man of Steel.” Even before the production hit the Windy City, businesses and locales across Illinois were serving as stand-ins for Smallville, Kansas, Superman’s childhood hometown. Ask any of the folks who live in Plano or Sugar Grove,… Continue reading ‘Superman in Chicago: Chicagoans speak out!’

Green Lantern Movie Review: DC’s Brightest Day or Blackest Night?

Okay comic-book geeks, it’s time for me to answer the question that I know has been on your mind since I announced that I was going to be attending an advanced screening of the Green Lantern movie: “Did Elliott leave his fly open at the theater again?” Well the answer to that is….no.  (Thank Jeebus.)… Continue reading ‘Green Lantern Movie Review: DC’s Brightest Day or Blackest Night?’

Green Lantern asks: “Got Milk”?

The Green Lantern promotional machine is chugging away and no publicity blitz would be complete without one of those famous “Got Milk” ads:   JOIN THE CORPS: GREEN LANTERN LIGHTS UP WITH THE SUPER POWERS OF MILK Green Lantern wants you to know you don’t need to have a power ring or lantern to have… Continue reading ‘Green Lantern asks: “Got Milk”?’

Smallville Series Finale told in tweet form

The CW ran the series finale for “Smallville” tonight, bringing the longest origin story ever told to an end after 10 years. I was once a rabid viewer of the show, but lost interest in it around Season 5 or 6. I felt that once Clark left Smallville, it lost sight of what made the… Continue reading ‘Smallville Series Finale told in tweet form’

NBC passes on Wonder Woman pilot – and I blame her fans

She’s vanquished super-villains, battled the Greek god of war and even triumphed over death itself, but there’s one thing Wonder Woman couldn’t overcome: her fans. That was made evident when EW announced today that NBC was passing on David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman pilot, offering their guess as to why: “NBC isn’t saying for now… Continue reading ‘NBC passes on Wonder Woman pilot – and I blame her fans’

I Hate It When Mom (DC Comics) and Dad (Marvel Comics) Fight…

and form larger corporate conglomerates! After the Disney/Marvel merger, it looks like appeared as if Warner Bros. went ‘oh snap, we better respond with a comic book based entertainment entity of our own!’  Hence,  the creation of “DC Entertainment”. But it had been in the works for months, even though each company was unaware of… Continue reading ‘I Hate It When Mom (DC Comics) and Dad (Marvel Comics) Fight…’