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Superman in Chicago: Chicagoans speak out!

This week the city of Chicago is playing host to the crew of the new film “Superman: Man of Steel.” Even before the production hit the Windy City, businesses and locales across Illinois were serving as stand-ins for Smallville, Kansas, Superman’s childhood hometown. Ask any of the folks who live in Plano or Sugar Grove,… Continue reading ‘Superman in Chicago: Chicagoans speak out!’

Get geeky at SocialDevCamp Chicago!

This past summer has been full of cool, geeky events for my brethren in Chicago. There were a number of comic and anime conventions, my tweet-up, and even a blogger summit. Now, as the season winds down, we have one last geek get-together courtesy of Andy Angelos: “Hey Elliott – I co-organize a large event… Continue reading ‘Get geeky at SocialDevCamp Chicago!’

Meet the Geek at the Comic Vault!

A recent bout of ‘the crud’ has knocked me out of commission the last day or so, but I should be fully recovered for my appearance at The Comic Vault’s 3 Year Anniversary on Saturday, October 10, 2009.  There will be quite a few comic luminaries there to meet and get your books signed. I’ll… Continue reading ‘Meet the Geek at the Comic Vault!’

Star Wars: In Concert – Ticket Update!

Holy Bantha Tracks!  Geek To Me reader Mark sent me this message via sub-space communicator regarding the upcoming Star Wars: In Concert event at the United Center in December: Star Wars: A Musical Journey Program Cover “Just thought I’d let you know that Amex cardholders can purchase tix NOW (using their Amex, of course) by… Continue reading ‘Star Wars: In Concert – Ticket Update!’

Chicago Creator Corner: Matt Kubinski’s “MARAUDERS”

Matt Kubinski is no stranger to regular readers of Geek To Me.  When we last spoke, Matt was in the middle of a scuffle with the Sci-Fi Channel (now re-branded as SyFy) over his comic book, Superbia, wherin Sci-Fi was producing a television show that was eerily similar to his book. Now Matt has entered… Continue reading ‘Chicago Creator Corner: Matt Kubinski’s “MARAUDERS”’