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New Avengers Movie Trailer hits the internet!

By great Odin’s Raven this looks good! All the elements appear to be in place: Top-tier superheroes? Check. Director and screenwriter that is beloved by comic book geeks everywhere in Joss Whedon? Check.  Series of films that have helped establish the Marvel Universe as a coherent, shared ‘reality’ within the films? Check. Just take my… Continue reading ‘New Avengers Movie Trailer hits the internet!’

Fantasy Football Marvel Superhero style! (Part One)

Image via With the new NFL season kicking off this Thursday, fantasy football leagues have been furiously holding fantasy drafts so that sports geeks across the country can get their fix. I’ve been part of a league with a few guys from RedEye and each year I get to deal with the trash talking… Continue reading ‘Fantasy Football Marvel Superhero style! (Part One)’

Join me at the first “Chicago Geek Tweet-Up”

I’ve been working on this event for some time now and it’s finally going to happen. Thanks  to the very generous folks at Verizon Wireless, yours truly will be hosting the first ever Geek To Me Chicago Geek Tweet-Up! The event will be taking place on Friday, August 19th at 7pm @ Challengers Comics +… Continue reading ‘Join me at the first “Chicago Geek Tweet-Up”’

Geeky Cool Toys: Captain America R/C Motorcycle

I’m gonna tell you, when it comes to fun stuff, kids today have it way better than I did when I was young.  Today’s Xbox and PS3 systems just put the Atari and Intelevision video game systems I grew up with to shame. These days if you miss your fave cartoon show, you can catch… Continue reading ‘Geeky Cool Toys: Captain America R/C Motorcycle’

Spencer’s Debuts Sexy Superhero Pajamas

It’s pretty much accepted that the ‘geek and nerd’ sect had gone beyond just being a subculture and is now treated as a target market. Not only has Hollywood been courting us for a long while, but now we find more and more is being done in the fashion world to try and get our… Continue reading ‘Spencer’s Debuts Sexy Superhero Pajamas’

Marvel Studios begins production on The Avengers

Ever since Nick Fury appeared in the post-credits ‘easter egg’ in the first Iron Man film, comic-book fanboys and fangirls have been waiting for this news, that “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” were going to unite in a big-budget feature. It’s no longer speculation and rumor true believers! The Avengers (the Marvel super-team – not to be… Continue reading ‘Marvel Studios begins production on The Avengers’

Geek To Me TV: NOMAD Writer Sean McKeever

Finally, I get to share some of the interviews I recorded for G2Mtv at the Chicago Comic-Con last month! Nomad: Girl Without a World (Cover) – Marvel Entertainment First up is my talk with Sean McKeever, writer of The Waiting Place and Marvel’s Nomad: Girl Without a World, which is out TODAY at comic shops… Continue reading ‘Geek To Me TV: NOMAD Writer Sean McKeever’