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Star Wars: The Musical returns to Chicago!

There once was a time when I thought that no good could come of making a musical out of Star Wars. I mean, considering that the first time I’d ever seen something of the sort done, it was in the Star Wars Holiday Special and Carrie Fisher sang the “Life Day Song.” Oy.

But since then, I’ve seen how much fun Star Wars can be when it’s interpreted by folks who really get it. I got a real kick out of the gals at Gorilla Tango Burlesque with their A Nude Hope: A Star Wars Burlesque show. They really knew how to sauce it up and get a chuckle while they were at it.

Which is why I have “a new hope” for some side-splitting, science-fantasy based comedy with the upcoming “Stars! Wars! A Musical” from my friends at Octavarius.  They’ve tackled the world of pro-wrestling, and spoofed the Founding Fathers, so taking the story of Luke Skywalker and Co. and putting it to music shouldn’t be any big whoop for them. Here are the deets:

I sure hope she can sing better than Carrie Fisher.

” After their ComedySportz run ends, Octavarius is back on stage at the Mercury Theater for one-night-only show “Stars! Wars! The Musical“ on Friday, March 9 at 8pm. The musical, back by popular demand, tells the story of “Star Wars: A New Hope” with completely original song and dance numbers, accompanied by a live band.

Following the musical, Octavarius will perform their signature nefarious improv set with robot R2D2. Individuals who dress like characters from the epic film, or bring a lightsaber, will gain a discounted admission fee of $7, regularly $10.

Tickets for Octavarius’ “Stars! Wars! The Musical” can also be purchased in advance online at”

I’m thinking about getting out my old Jedi Robes from Halloween and dressing up for the show. What character are YOU going dressed as?