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The Founding Fathers are lost in our time In “I Made America”

On Tuesday I posted how local comedy company Octavarius was pitting the casts of Harry Potter and Twilight against each other. (If you haven’t done so, please be sure to vote in the poll.) The very next day¬† Octavarius made a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT that I let get lost in my e-mail inbox.


It’s something that fans of political humor like “The Daily Show” should enjoy! So here it is:


CHICAGO (January 18, 2012)Octavarius, a Chicago comedy company, and CNGM Pictures, a Chicago independent film organization, partner for transmedia project “I Made America,” launching on January 18, 2012.

“I Made America” uses many media platforms–from weekly webisodes and social media to street performances and local bar sightings–to tell one story. Six Founding Fathers of the United States of America were kidnapped from the 18th Century and brought to 2012 to be used as props in the upcoming election. Upon discovering that these statesmen hold drastically different political views than any modern day candidate, their kidnappers cut off all ties, leaving them stranded in present day Chicago.

The Land of Honey – Week 1 from I Made America

Former celebrities George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison struggle to make money, find love and regain their dignity. The journey takes many shapes: watch a weekly episode of the Founding Fathers’ web series, listen to a song written by Thomas Jefferson, have a conversation with Benjamin Franklin on Facebook or Twitter, get matched with George Washington on dating website OkCupid, read a love poem Alexander Hamilton wrote on Craigslist’s Missed Connections, attend a John Adams political campaign rally and run into all of the men hanging out at a neighborhood bar.

“‘I Made America’ mirrors the way we tell our own stories in 2012, which makes the project infinitely more fun, especially because when you’re interacting with the Founding Fathers, you become a character in their reality,” says “I Made America” Creator/Executive Producer and Octavarius member Marc Muszynski.

CNGM Pictures’ Executive Director Michael P. Noens says, “Marrying our film production experience with Octavarius’ talent for live shows and social media is creating an innovative way to tell a story.”

For more information on “I Made America” or to follow the “revolutionary” journey, visit

Octavarius, a Chicago comedy company, began its mission in 2009 to find fun everywhere its tentacles can reach. They continue to share that fun with the world through live comedy shows, blog posts, videos, interactive weekly podcasts and music. In some combination, the comedians have been performing together since 2003. As Octavarius, they have played all over Chicago, including runs at The ComedySportz Theatre and headlining closing night of the 2011 Chicago Improv Festival. The group also traveled to LA to perform at the 2011 LA Improv Comedy Festival. Octavarius won Chicago Reader’s 2011 Readers’ Poll for “Best Sketch/Improv Troupe.” For more information on Octavarius, visit

Founded in 2004, CNGM Pictures is an award-winning production company that has completed 13 independent feature films in the greater Chicagoland area, including “Coasting,” “Darren & Abbey” and “Sleep to Dream.” CNGM films have been showcased all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Ireland and France. In addition to producing motion pictures, the not-for-profit organization also hosts the annual Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival and its monthly screenings. To learn more about CNGM, visit