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Harry Potter vs Twilight!

The last time I wrote a post about Twilight I flirted with incurring the wrath of Twi-hards across the country. I still don’t understand the phenomena, even after having several female friends – and my very own sister – yell at me “Edward’s love for Bella is pure!” until they were blue in the face. I’m not joking, that actually happened.

Now, when it comes to Harry Potter, I can say that I “get” it. I’ll gladly admit to being a Potterhead who wishes to be selected to Gryffindor House.  I’ve read all the books and have found them to be very well written. (With the exception of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” which felt like J.K. Rowling didn’t know when to stop the story.)  I’ve also seen all the movies and feel that they’ve been faithful to the spirit of the books.

Quite frankly, I just like the characters in the Potter universe better then the ones in the Twilight realm. So you could guess who I’ll be rooting for in this funny new show from the twisted minds of Octavarius. It’s called OCTAVARIUS: HARRY POTTER VERSUS TWILIGHT and it’s in the same vein as the comedy/wrestling shows that they put on over the summer. Here are the details:

“Sink your fangs into this! Chicago comedy group Octavarius is hosting a show titled “Harry Potter vs. Twilight” on Sunday, January 22 at 7pm at ComedySportz (929 W. Belmont Ave.). Harry Potter characters battle Twilight stars in the style of West Side Story. Ron Weasley is to Edward Cullen as Tony is to Maria. Thus, true love breaks out amongst the fighting. The story continues, complete with wands and sparkles for the Potterheads and Twi-hards! Individuals who dress to the theme or bring a sign rooting for their favorite team get in for a discounted rate of $7, regularly $10.”

Click HERE to RSVP to the show and get discount tickets!


What I don’t get is who the characters would be fighting over. I mean, I’ll cross wands with anyone for Hermione Granger – the adult Emma Watson you pervs! – but if it came down to taking on a sparkly vampire for Bella? Eh. You can keep her.

What say you my readers? TAKE THE POLL!