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The Old Testament is re-created in LEGO form with “The Brick Bible”

When it comes to the Bible, most people should be aware that it’s one of the most widely-read and translated pieces of literature in human history. It is often quite common for people of faith to give copies of the Bible as gifts during this holiday season. But what about a version of the “The Good Book” that has been interpreted with the use of..LEGOs?

That’s what you have when you pick up a copy of The Brick Bible, an unflinching look at the Old Testament as created by Brendon Powell Smith. The book has garnered a bit of controversy, actually having been pulled from the shelves at Sam’s Club after some self-professed “believers” complained about the books content. So I decided to ask a fellow geek Chris Hunter to give The Brick Bible a look and tell Geek To Me readers what he thought. Is the book blasphemous as some would allege, or an accurate interpretation of the Old Testament? Let a comic-book reading fanboy who went to seminary give you his two cents worth:

The Brick Bible Review – by Chris Hunter

I have to be honest with you…I had no idea what I was getting into when I agreed to review the latest book from Brendan Powell Smith, The Brick Bible. I’d never even heard of the guy and when I found out what The Brick Bible was, I had to have it in my hands immediately, just to see what it was all about.

The Brick Bible is a telling of part of the Old Testament (Genesis through Chronicles) in such a unique way that I was simply dumbfounded when I saw it for the first time. Wait…are those LEGOs? Is this story being told in panels, like comic books, my favorite reading medium? “Yes” was the answer to all of those questions because the Brick Bible is exactly that – the combination of the Bible being told in comic book format with the aid of LEGOs to tell the story.

God creates the world as told by the Brick Bible

Now, I’m no stranger to the Bible having attending seminary many years ago, but this was a totally new way to look at the Old Testament. And by look, I mean see it in all of its glory – good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. What Brendan Powell Smith has done with LEGOs goes beyond remarkable; it borders on genius. There is so much creativity dripping off of almost every page of this book that it sucks you into the pages and forces you to just keep turning; sometimes to see what the story is in case you’ve forgotten, sometimes just so you can answer that burning question in the back of your mind, like “What does David killing Goliath look like told with LEGOs?”

To be honest, the Old Testament is the more primal of the two testaments. It was a time of sacrifice, deception, betrayal, murder, incest, war, and weird, but necessary, covenants. It was also a time of love, mercy, friendship, victory, and promises fulfilled. The Old Testament isn’t for the faint of heart and Brendan Powell Smith paints the picture accurately and directly. You may be put off a bit by seeing the covenant of circumcision performed or armies going to war and soldiers getting their heads cut off, but you’ll laugh when you see what baby LEGOs look like, or Potiphar’s cat hissing at a frog before the Hebrews were freed; when you see that The Ten Commandments say “LEGO” on the tablets; or simply see the expressions that Brendan Powell Smith created on the faces of many of the characters.

The Brick Bible isn’t a one-off read. It’s re-readable, if such a word exists, simply because you see more and more of the story each time you read it, the bits and pieces that you missed the last time, and lose yourself in the awe and joy that leaps off of each page. My four year old thinks it’s “his Bible” but Lord knows I’m not looking forward to explaining some things in a few years…

Chris Hunter is a special contributor to Geek To Me

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