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Geek Gals and Twilight: Is there a double standard?

"One day my sparkly vampire will come..."

Okay, I’m going to lead off by stating for the record that I need to be educated on this. While I have been known to be snarky about the topic in the past and have had my fair share of back-and-forth with other geeks on the topic, I’m genuinely looking for some clarity on what is the current obsession among females 13 and up, and that would be Twilight.

See, today I came across this post by the wonderfully-geeky Jill Pantozzi (AKA @TheNerdyBird) defending her guilty pleasure of  enjoying the books and movies and calling for other geeks to be more tolerant of those that do. I agree with her whole-heartedly. Geeks needs to stop getting ‘clique-ish’ and dividing themselves into camps. There’s room for everyone to love their fave movies, books, comics, etc. and we should all treat each other equally, without scorn or judgement (unless it’s Star Wars versus Star Trek. We all know who the superior geeks are there, ;) Joking…joking…).

I’m specifically asking for help from geek gals who read the Twilight books, go to the movies, and then take issue with how some women are portrayed in comic books.  See, while I will concede that the portrayal of women in mainstream comics has left much to be desired, I would argue the same thing for the way Bella – the central female character of the Stephanie Meyer franchise – is written in the Twilight books.

"Seriously, who stands like that?"

Explain to me how in one breath you can deride how David Finch draws Wonder Woman on a variant cover of Justice League, and yet not take issue with Bella Swan locking herself in her room and pining away for months because Edward Cullen has left her for god-knows-what?

Aren’t both portrayals somewhat negative? And if not, why? What makes one acceptable while the other should be criticized? Is it because the Twilight books are written by a female author? Is this a case where a woman is better suited for writing these types of characters, even though they may be viewed as poor role-models for young girls?

Again, I’m just asking the question. Now, I’m not asking for anyone to rip on Twilight or on those who enjoy the books. I know how the two camps are divided between “Twi-hards” and “Twi-haters.” I’m not asking for arguments over how women are portrayed in comics either. I already acknowledge that there are deficiencies there as well.

What I’m asking my geeky friends who take issue with how women are depicted in comics, yet don’t mind Bella Swan falling for a guy who’s attracted to her in part by the way she smells when she’s menstruating, to explain to me the difference.

I really want to know.

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