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MAN FROM SPACE an indie comic treat

As someone who works in comics, I know how tough it can be to get noticed. And with all the talk about the DC Comics “New 52″ and whatever event is going on in the Marvel Universe, its only fair to give the indie comic scene a look every once and a while.

Today’s indie book is called MAN FROM SPACE and is written and illustrated by Marc Jackson. Dubbed “the inter-galactic adventures of an outer space a**hole”, the book tells the story of its unnamed hero and his goldfish companion Michael. After crash-landing on an alien world, the duo encounter a creature named “Rusty” and set off on a series of mishaps and misunderstandings that show what an a-hole the hero of the book really is. Click on the gallery below for a 5-page preview!

The comic is illustrated in a charming cut-out style reminiscent of the South Park animated series and reads like a slightly demented children’s book. The jokes are sometimes over the top, with the misadventures of the MAN FROM SPACE involving everything from short-circuiting robots to strange sea monsters. And while the humor is mostly innocuous, it’s sometimes bawdy and best suited for readers 13 and up. I’d recommend the book for those who are looking for something well off the beaten path and an alternative to the same-old-same-old of ‘flights and tights.’ (Even though there is a bit where the MFS puts on a pair of really, really snug fitting tights.)

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