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Fantasy Football Marvel Superhero Style (Part Two)

On Tuesday I gave you my roster for a Superhero Fantasy Football team, focusing on the offense. I got some comments on Twitter, and a few suggestions, some of which I’m incorporating right now with the Geek To Me Superhero Fantasy Football Team 2011!

"What? No NFL SuperPro?" "No."


Defensive Coordinator – Frank Castle aka The Punisher: If there’s is anyone who can create a blueprint for combat on the football field, it’s Castle. His take-no-prisoners approach to fighting crime and military background make him the ideal candidate to scheme the heroes’ 4-3 “search and destroy” defense.

Defensive End – Luke Cage aka Power Man: Sweet Christmas! The New Avengers and Thunderbolts leader has the strength, speed and ferocity to take on most any offensive lineman.

Defensive Tackle – Hercules: The Son of Zeus and Prince of Power compliments Power Man on the line, drawing double-teams and talking his opponent’s ear off.

Defensive Tackle – Ares: The God of War would revel in the hand-to-hand nature of combat in the “trenches” of football.

Defensive End – Namor The Sub-Mariner: The Scion of Atlantis can withstand the deep pressures of the ocean, so plowing his way through an offensive line should be a piece of cake. Plus those little wings on his ankles will help him get around running backs and tight ends. Imperious Rex!

Middle Linebacker - Thor: The God of Thunder and Son of Zeus would be the centerpiece of the “Sons of Thunder” line backing corps. He would be joined by…

Outside Linebacker - Beta Ray Bill: With all the same powers as Thor, Bill would man the weak side with…

Outside Linebacker - Thunderstrike: The young Kevin Masterson, inheritor of the “Thunderstrike” uru hammer created by Odin, would round out the “Sons of Thunder” corps.

Strong Safety - Ms. Marvel: The cosmic powered Carol Danvers brings a powerful punch and strong leadership skills to the field. Anyone who gets past he would have to deal with…

Free Safety – Rogue: One of the most powerful X-Men, not only can she take down most any running back or wide receiver, she could sap their strength!

Cornerback – Iron Man: It wouldn’t be enough for Tony Stark to watch the team from the sidelines. His drive to compete – and to win – would have him on the field using his tech to back his Avengers teammates, along with…

Cornerback – War Machine: James Rhodes – the former Iron Man and current War Machine armor wearer – would round out the defensive backfield for the very first Geek To Me Superhero Fantasy Football Team!

So…what do you think? Who would YOU add to the roster? Let me know in the comment section or on Twitter!