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Fantasy Football Marvel Superhero style! (Part One)

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With the new NFL season kicking off this Thursday, fantasy football leagues have been furiously holding fantasy drafts so that sports geeks across the country can get their fix. I’ve been part of a league with a few guys from RedEye and each year I get to deal with the trash talking from the likes of Phil Thompson and Leo Ebersol. If only I could draft my own ‘dream team’, namely one made up of the top superheroes in comic books. Now, the idea of a ‘superhero /super-villain’ fantasy football team isn’t exactly new; just Google ‘superhero fantasy football‘ and you’ll find the rosters of other bloggers; heck, just last week, Laurence Holmes of The Score 670 AM discussed putting one together. So it got me to thinking, why not put together a superhero fantasy football team of my own? After discussing it with RedEye Neighborhoods blogger – and Chicago Comic Vault owner – Matt Sardo, we decided that characters with cosmic powers would be disqualified. Oh, and teleporting would also be off limits. Sorry Nightcrawler fans!

So now I present to you, the Geek To Me Superhero Fantasy Football Team 2011:


Head Coach - Captain America: He’s the Living Legend of World War 2 and the one hero who would command the respect of every hero in the locker room. He’s also a master tactician who has never lost a battle, making him the best candidate for Head Coach of the Marvel Superhero Fantasy Football Team.

Offensive Coordinator - Reed Richards AKA Mr. Fantastic: As the leader of the Fantastic Four, Richards is a brilliant scientist and the creator of such incredible innovations like “unstable molecules,” a fabric that adjusts to the unique powers of each member of the FF. It only stands to reason that he could be equally innovative with designing offensive formations that could defeat just about any defense.

Quarterback – Spider-Man: Peter Parker’s alter-ego would be ideal to lead the offensive squad, with his lightning-quick reflexes, the proportionate strength of a spider, and a “spider sense” that would help him avoid a blitz on his blind side.

Running Back – Wolverine: The stocky mutant’s healing factor would help him take the punishment that opposing defensive lines will dish out as he slashes through.

Full Back - Colossus: The X-Man is not only made of living metal, but has recently been imbued with the power of The Juggernaut! Joined with Logan, the duo would give new meaning to the term ‘fastball special.’

Tight End – The Thing: As a former football player, FF member Ben Grimm would be comfortable teaming up with Spidey on crossing routes. And for all his bulk, his rocky hide doesn’t hamper his agility while still enabling him to take a hit going across the middle.

Wide Receiver – Quicksilver: The mutant speedster can break the sound barrier on foot, stretching opposing defenses with his deep threat ability.

Wide Receiver - Speedball: The former New Warriors member’s power to absorb and redirect kinetic energy would make him an excellent short-yardage receiver, as he could make opposing defensive backs bounce off him as he snags a pass.

Center – Sasquatch: The Alpha Flight member has the brain as well as the brawn to call coverages and take command of the offensive line.

Right Guard – Wonder Man: As one of the more powerful Avengers, Simon Williams has the brawn needed to withstand opposing defensive tackles.

Left Guard – Hulkling: The Young Avenger, Teddy Altman, lends his considerable strength to help on the left side of the offensive line…next to…

Left Tackle – The Hulk: Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, would get past the Green Goliath!

Right Tackle – Doc Samson: The gamma powered psychiatrist would hold the line on the right.


No reason why YOU can’t join in on the fun! Let me know what heroes/villains would be on YOUR comic-book fantasy football team in the comment section, or hit me up on Twitter.