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Still recovering from ‘con crud’ that afflicted me on the tail end of the San Diego Comic Con and trying to work my way through a lot of audio interviews that still need to be transcribed. (I really do need an intern for this sort of thing.) I posted some photos on my Facebook page and even more in my Twitter feed. I hope to get back to posting here on the blog tomorrow – I have a few pre-SDCC things that have been waiting – but wanted to share with you this photo taken on the convention floor. It is my most cherished memory of SDCC 2011:

Also, yours truly has just started a new gig over on writing – of all things – a dating advice column for geeks and nerds called “Keep Your Pants On.” (Clever title, huh?) Actually I’m co-writing it with Geek Girl on the Street‘s Kate Kotler, who in fact recruited me to join her on this venture. Anyone who knows me sees the irony in me writing a column on relationships. They find it rather amusing. Almost TOO amusing. Heh.

Please do check it out and let me know what you think! Be back soon!