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Jess Godwin embraces her inner “nerd girl”

Back off fellas. She's mine.

For those of you who may not know her, Jess Godwin is a local singer/songwriter/musician who also happens to be my latest crush. I met her a while back after discovering her YouTube channel and learning of her love for Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Disney Princesses.  She is currently traveling and playing shows around the Midwest, East and West Coast.  While on tour, Jess spoke with me about her video blog, loving “young Harrison Ford” and what folks can expect to see at her next show in Chicago:

Geek To Me: You’ve been on the road for a while now, are you living the rock star lifestyle or just visiting friends and family?

Jess Godwin: Haha.  Rock star.  Right.  I’m playing a bunch of shows this summer in a few different cities.  My mom has 10 siblings and my dad has 11, so wherever I go, there’s a good chance that I’m going to be related to someone within a 50 mile radius.  It’s a perk!  I don’t have any friends.

G2M: Awwwww.  I’ll be your friend.  Anyway, you always conclude a video from your blog “Girl in 14G” with a song, where did that idea come from?

I stole it all from Glee.  Glee sells, right?


G2M: Haha! Yeah, it does. How do you pick the songs for each video? Does the song come first or the idea for the video?

The song choices depend – sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes random, sometimes I really just want to sing a particular song. My favorite part of playing live shows is being able to talk to the audience – my band haaaates it – so I just wanted to do an extension of that.  To be honest, I also have a short attention span when it comes to YouTube videos.  I can’t sit through 4 minutes of someone singing a serious song.  Gotta break it up!

G2M: Ever since you got the moniker “nerd girl” you’ve really embraced it. We’ve discussed your love of The Princess Bride and Star Wars, and you’ve even made a video comparing pie, music and math.  Now your latest video has you professing your love for Harrison Ford, albeit the young version from the 80′s.  Would you really want to be his Calista Flockhart?

JG: No.  I want to be his Marion.


"Why doesn't anybody love me?"

G2M: Oooooh. Good one. I didn’t look at it that way.  Well then, let’s play Shag/Marry/Kill with 3 Harrison Ford characters: Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Rick Deckard.

JG: Shag: Han Solo,  Marry: Indiana Jones, Kill: Rick Deckard.

G2M: Why am I not surprised by that answer? No one ever wants to marry Rick and everyone wants to shag Han. Okay, so with your tour going on, you’re going to have just one show in Chicago at the Mayne Stage. Tell us about it!

JG: It’s going to be so much fun!  Lady Laura and Ben Ripani Music Co. are joining me on July 2 at my favorite Chicago venue!  Tickets are only $10 and $15 for a table.

G2M: But what’s this thing where people can get you to do a push-up on stage?

JG: Here’s the deal.  If you buy your ticket online this week (, send me the confirmation email before July 1 at with the word “cookie”, “cupcake”, or “push up” in the subject line.  If you choose a baked good, I will have one waiting for you.  For every email that says push up, I will do one push up in my set. So…if 50 people say push up, I’m screwed.

G2M: I’ve seen you do those push-ups! Those aren’t ‘girl push-ups’ either. But isn’t it true that there’s something else going on at your show?

JG: Here’s another reason why you should go:  you are all cordially invited to my #twitterwedding to Mr. @GeekToMe.  My parents are so proud.

G2M: Yes! I do believe this is the first #twitterwedding to ever happen exclusively on Twitter! But how do I know you won’t get cold feet and change your mind like last time?

JG: IF the show sells out, I will tweet “I do” on stage. IF. You can smell my desperation, can’t you?

G2M: Girlfriend, I was born desperate! Haha! Well, I’ll be at the show with my fingers crossed. And don’t worry…I’ll ask for a cupcake.


So here’s the deal folks, IF the show is a sell-out (like it was last time she played Mayne Stage) Jess Godwin and I will get ‘married’ in a #twitterwedding. The cyber-ceremony will be live-tweeted during the show on July 2nd.

Follow Jess Godwin and me on Twitter to be witness to the first ever, Twitter-exclusive #twitterwedding!

Event details:


July 2nd, 2011 @ 8:00 PM (Doors open @ 7PM)

$15 Seats, $10 Standing Room

Mayne Stage – 1328 West Morse Avenue, Chicago IL