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X-Men…The Rock Opera?

Man, there are days when it’s just too much fun to be the RedEye’s resident comic book geek. Tonight I get to go see X-Men: First Class with a buddy of mine (read Matt Pais’ review HERE) and I just got news of a special promotion I’m going to get to do for my readers with the new Green Lantern film!

Oh yeah, and I did a bit of poking the hornets’ nest when I announced on Twitter that Batman IS NOT a ‘superhero’ by the definition of the term.  (See, you really need to have super powers to be a super hero. Batman IS a hero, an extraordinary one at that, but not a ‘super’ one in my opinion.) Boy, did that cheese a few fanboys off. :)

Anyhoo…being a comic geek also means I get to enjoy cool things like the Ray Wall Band‘s “The X-Men Song: A Super-Hero Rock Opera”.  Ray and I have been in touch for a while, ever since he debuted his band’s collection of “Comic Book Rock” tunes.  I got a real kick out of his “Fantastic Four Song” music video:

Now, with the release of the new X-Men film, he has a full-length ‘rock opera’ recorded celebrating the uncanny mutants from the Marvel Universe:

The X-Men Song – A Super-Hero Rock Opera (Radio Edit) – Ray Wall Band by GeekToMe

You can check out his other superhero songs over on iTunes! Also be sure to ‘like’ them on their Facebook page.

And finally, check back later when I give you my two cents about X-Men: First Class.

(I stick by my contention that Batman isn’t a superhero. Sorry.)