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Pro-wrestler Christopher Daniels talks about reading comics and entering “Ring of Honor”


Christopher Daniels (Photo courtesy MJK PR & TNA Wrestling)

It’s always fun to talk to the talented men and women of professional wrestling.  As a total wrestling geek, I’ve gotten to speak with superstars like John Cena, Sheamus, Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett, among others. This week I had a chance to speak with former TNA X-Division superstar Christopher Daniels. Daniels will be in town this weekend for a Ring of Honor house show and will also be appearing at Challengers Comics + Conversation. We spoke about his return to ROH, what fans should look forward to and his love of comic books:

Geek To Me: How are you doing sir?

Christopher Daniels: I’m doing great man. Thank you very much.

G2M: You’re in town for a Ring of Honor show, why don’t you tell us a little bit about it?

CD: Saturday, October 16th, Ring of Honor is going to be in Chicago Ridge at the Field
House.  Details are on  And it’s my first time back
to ROH in Chicago Ridge since I left in 2007.  Chicago Ridge is one of
the big markets for Ring of Honor.  And this match I’m wrestling against
Davey Richards, it’s been built up and built up for the last six months
since I returned to Ring of Honor, and so we’re finally getting a
chance to do a match for the fans.  And I’m looking forward to it.
Chicago Ridge has always been a great town for Ring of Honor, for my
first match back to wrestle Davey Richards is going to be a big deal.

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G2M: Ring of Honor gotten a lot of attention after Darren Aronofsky’s “The Wrestler” film a year or so ago, and really die-hard wrestling aficionados are familiar with it.  But for those who aren’t initiated in this sort of thing and who might only know wrestling for the WWE, what do you think is the significant difference between Ring of Honor and other promotions?

CD: Well Ring of Honor has always put a premium on the in-ring action.  And I feel that ROH in terms of bell-to-bell action is one of the best wrestling organizations in the world today.  They pattern their style a lot after the Japanese style. There’s a lot of mixture of Japanese and Mexican ‘lucha libre’ style in there.  And a lot of the guys in that locker room have a lot of experience all over the world, whether it’s been in Japan or in Mexico, or just throughout the United States.  The main focus has been on what happens inside the ring.  And for hard-core wrestling fans sometimes there’s not enough of that for them on television with the WWE or with TNA.  There’s always a lot of talk, a lot of soap-opera and ROH is sort of in the opposite direction and tries to be a true alternative to those companies when it comes to presenting their product.

G2M: You’re also going to be appearing at Challengers Comics + Conversation for a signing.  I know Patrick and Dal over there. How long have you known those two knuckleheads?

CD: I just met those guys two weeks ago.  I was in town for a Windy City Pro Wrestling event, and I happen to be friends with Jill Thompson — who is a very accomplished artist – and she introduced me to the guys and she brought me into the store to sort of check it out.  She knew I was a big comics fan — I met her through the comic conventions that I’ve gone to – so she brought me into that store to sort of be introduced to those guys.  And they were very accommodating and  they let me come in and I even drew a picture of myself on their artists wall – which was very flattering except that my art is borderline horrible-

G2M: [laughs]

CD: [laughs] But yeah, those guys were really great.  They offered me the opportunity to promote the Ring of Honor event and to do a signing there.  I’m a big supporter of comic books. I’m a collector of comic books, and I appreciate a store that is more than just picking up the current stuff.  And these guys, Patrick and George, are supporters of the artists that are there.  When I was there it was 24 Hour Comic Day — they were in the midst o having all these artists draw one issue of a comic in 24 hours — so I got to see a lot of artists at work while I was there.  So I’m a big fan of those guys and that store, so I’m happy to be there to promote not just ROH but also Challengers.

Chris with Comic Book 1.jpg

Christopher Daniels enjoys a comic book (Image courtesy MJK Public Relations)

G2M: Are you a Marvel or a DC guy?

CD: I’m Marvel. I grew up with Marvel. The first stuff I was passionate about collecting was the X-Men.  Chris Claremont and John Byrne’s run, those guys. I’m a big Wolverine fan, and currently I’m sort of an Avengers mark.  I enjoy all the Avengers stuff that’s going on; this new Heroic Age that Marvel has put together; a lot of the stuff that Brian Bendis is writing; I’m a big supporter of Marvel.  I’ve got friends who work at Marvel so I’ve gotten to go behind-the-scenes to see how things work there.  I have a couple friends who are editors; I have a friend who’s an artist there.  I’m in a great position. I’ve used my limited celebrity to sort of get closer to the comic books than the average fan.  So I’ve been really lucky.

G2M: [laughs] Cool.  Alright, so what can we look forward to in the Ring of Honor show this weekend?

CD: Well, dollar for dollar it’s probably the best wrestling you’ll get an opportunity to see live.  Some of the most talented guys in the world are wrestling for Ring of Honor right now: Davey Richards; the Kings of Wrestling; the Briscoe Brothers; Kevin Steen; El Generico; Steve Corino; Colt Cabana who’s a local guy, he’s a Chicago favorite. All those guys are working there. All those guys are passionate about their craft.  They’re hungry and all they do is bust their ass to entertain.  And I’m happy to be part of that locker room, to be part of that crew. And it’s an honor for me to finally get in the ring with Davey Richards one-on-one, to try and prove that I’m as good as I say and I know Davey’s going to do the same.  So that’s what you have to look forward to man, the Chicago Ridge shows, everyone is going to go 110% to go and do their best.  

G2M: Finally if folks want to catch up on what you’re doing and where you’re going to be where can they find you on the internet?

CD: I’m very inconsistent with how often I’m on the internet, seriously, but you can always catch up with me on Twitter, I’m @facdaniels. I try to keep people abreast of what’s happening.  Also you can sort of see me on GeekWeek Live, I’m a big contributor to that particular website, which is about wrestling, comics, video games,  TV, anything that the geeks are into.  You have my merchandise on, and you can always check up on me on and see what’s happening with me in Ring of Honor.  

G2M: I’m so jealous of your life, man.

CD: I don’t know. You wouldn’t be if you saw some of my doctor bills.

G2M: [laughs]

After our interview, Christopher agreed to take the G.N.A.T. (Geek Nerd Analysis Test) which would help determine if he was a geek or a nerd. Here are his answers:

G2M: Given a choice,  would you rather hang out on A) the Millennium Falcon with Han Solo or b) on the Starship Enterprise with Jean-Luc Picard?

CD: Definitely the Millenium Falcon with
Han. No disrespect to Captain Picard, but I’d love to hang with Mr. Solo. Although I’d never sit across from him at a table. Just in case.

G2M: Provided you had to work in a service industry, would you rather a) House keep for Hobbits in the Shire or b) clean conduits on the TARDIS for a timelord?

CD: Please. Do you know any neat Hobbits? Ugh. They live on dirt floors, and don’t wear shoes. No thank you. TARDIS, please.

G2M: Forget the iPhone or Android, I would rather have a) a magic wand from Ollivanders or b) a tricorder from Star Fleet?

CD: I think in this day and age a tricorder would look most dashing. Who wants to carry a stick around?

G2M: Would you rather have a) Superman’s dog Krypto or b) Dr. Who’s robot dog K-9?

CD: Robot dog = Easy cleanup. Next question.

G2M: Would you rather travel to a) ComicCon International in San Diego or b) the International Space Station?

CD: Well, I’ve been to SDCC, so just to change it up, the space station!

G2M: You need to travel overseas. Would you rather travel a) via broomstick or b) stargate?

CD: Stargate, for sure. Can you imagine the windburn you’d have after travelling 5000+ miles on a broom?

I have a TNA Prize package — which consists of a T-Shirt/DVD & autographed photo of Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart — for the first person who can tell me what the result of Christopher Daniels’ GNAT score is!  Was he determined to be a Geek or a Nerd? You’ll have to go back into the Geek To Me Archives to find the original GNAT test and scoring sheet.

First answer wins so get to it!