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Daniel Logan talks about “Growing Up Boba Fett”


Daniel Logan as Boba Fett

When you first meet Daniel Logan, you can tell that the kid has got confidence. Sitting at his booth at the Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con, Logan takes in the scene, smiling as people walk by, especially if they are dressed like the character he played in the Star Wars prequel “Attack of the Clones.”

“Hey! You’re one fine Boba!” he exclaims to a young woman dressed as the enigmatic bounty hunter.  “I’m not hitting on your girlfriend” he says to the man walking behind her, “I just really like the costume.”  The boyfriend nods and says ‘yeah’ as his female companion approaches Logan.

“Could you sign my helmet?” she asks. “Of course” he responds, signing the costume piece across the back.  She walks off and he smiles. 

I make an off-hand remark about how he doesn’t seem to need the helmet to show the confidence of Boba Fett and he changes expressions on a dime, from charming young man to badass…

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When I ask him about playing the character as a young boy, he speaks in a reverent tone. “There’s so much about the character that you have to serve when playing him. It’s not about who you are but who the character is.”

I asked about the first time he appeared on screen as Boba Fett. In AOTC, young Boba Fett answers the door of his apartment on Kamino to find Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) coming to visit him and his ‘father’ Jango Fett. “You had this look on your face that was saying ‘who the hell is this guy?’ How much of that was you and how much of that came from George Lucas’ direction?” I ask.

“That actually came from Ewan McGregor” he says earnestly. “He said that I should look like he let out a smelly fart.”  (Considering how much that scene impacted my first impression of Logan as Fett, methinks that McGregor has a future in directing films.)

And how has growing up as a part of the Star Wars franchise affected his childhood? “It’s made my childhood even bigger.” he says, “It’s opened my world up. I’ve been able to travel the world, do all these things.”

Does he use his alter-ego as a pick-up line? “I never say anything about it, but my friends are always going ‘do you know who he is? Do you?’ And then (the girls say) ‘are you really Boba Fett?’”

And it’s not like he needs any help meeting women.  Even before the aforementioned female Boba Fett came by, several attractive women visited Daniel at his booth.  Some were friends while others were fans. Daniel treated all of them like they were family.

“Women like it when you listen to them” he advises me. “I’ve been reading a book about how one can be the perfect boyfriend.  There’s one part where it asks the question ‘who is in charge’ in the relationship. The answer is ‘she is.’” he laughs.

He stresses how being a gentleman and courteous can work wonders with a female.  And then there’s the physical aspect of being charming. “When you talk to her, you move closer and give her a small touch.” He smiles. “The touch then becomes a hug.”

Well maybe for him it does, I say, seeing that he’s attractive and famous.  He dismisses all that, preferring to remain humble and appreciative of everything his fame has brought him.

2010-08-20 14.52.34.jpg

Daniel Logan shows off his new Boba Fett soaps (soaps courtesy of (photo by Elliott Serrano)

He is especially appreciative when I present him with a set of Boba Fett soaps that were given to me for him by Luxury Lane Soap creator Kylee Lane. They are scented soaps that look like pucks with an image of the famous helmet on top.

“I saw these but never thought I’d get them” he says, sincerely touched by the gift. “Thanks for making this dream come true.”

It’s funny, that even though he never wore the iconic helmet in the movie (he’s worn the costume as an honorary member of the 501st Garrison – the Star Wars costume enthusiasts) he has reprised the character on the Clone Wars cartoon series, making him more synonymous with the character than even Jeremy Bulloch, the original Boba Fett from “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Will he be returning for the upcoming season of Clone Wars? “You’ll have to stay tuned for that,” he says with a laugh and a smile.

Charming to the last.

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